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Star of the Week

2018 - 2019 Dragonfly Class


01.03.19 - Charlie

For his excellent attitude towards his learning and his friendship to the children in the whole class.


Half Term


15.02.19 - Jameson


08.02.19 - William


01.02.19 - Aaron


18.01.19 - Oli


11.01.19 - Caitlin

Caitlin has had a great first week back. She's been focused on her learning and is slowly developing quality with quantity. I was particularly pleased with her maths, where she tried extra hard to explain her understanding and reasoning for the maths problems this week.


20.12.18 Rosabella and Tilda

A double winner week. For the effort in their times tables 99 Club. One has moved up four times in a row and the other has been so close every time but not managed to move up. Each has shown an excellent attitude and both have benefited from their attempts, but in different ways.


14.12.18 - Daniel

Well done to all children this week for their performance. Star of the Week is Daniel who had to particularly learn a lot of lines and prompts to start speaking. He didn't find the quantity easy to learn and had several wobbles along the way but most importantly, he stuck at it and kept going. This culminated in a sterling performance and one in which he is very proud of. Well done to all!


30.11.18 - Milly

Milly has been fabulous again this week. She is always ready to learn and is one of the first to show she is ready by sitting nicely and facing the teacher. She been enthusiastic about her role in the play and has enjoyed learning about play scripts.


23.11.18 - Oli

Oli has been great this week. He's been focused in his learning and has shown excellent friendship skills to the class. Well done.


16.11.18 - Scarlet

Scarlet has been working extremely hard this week and has had such a great attitude to her learning. She's been completing her learning with focus and taking on extra challenges. Well done!


09.11.18 - Ryan

Ryan is new to the class but has a super work ethic. He's been challenging himself in maths to extend his understanding and working equally hard in literacy. He's been a kind and considerate to others and is an excellent addition to Dragonfly Class.


02.11.18 - Sophia

Sophia has worked really well across the week. She's been keen an enthusiastic with her learning and has done some beautiful reading.


19.10.18 - Karly

For super perseverance throughout her assessment week and for putting maximum effort and concentration into making her story the best it could be. Well done.


12.10.18 - Ellie

For super effort across the week in her maths and literacy learning. She's been very proud of the quantity of writing she has produced.


5.10.18 - Nancy

For all round effort and enthusiasm in her learning and for always showing kindness and friendship to others.


28.9.18 - Eli

For all round fantastic effort and enthusiasm in all his learning.  Thank you for all your hard work and effort in everything you do. 


21.09.18 - Henry

For showing a Growth Mindset towards all his learning.  In particular, we have been impressed with his approach to improving his writing through target setting and asking for advice to meet his targets.


14.09.18 - Zane

For making an excellent start to Year 4.  He has shown a positive attitude towards his learning and is making excellent choices.


07.09.18 - Braeson

For settling in so quickly to Dragonflies class already!