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This week in Otters...

Well this week in grammar the Year one children well learning all about prepositions. They did a fantastic job and showed me where they wanted to 'put' their toy and described to me here it was. This they then wrote as a sentence in their books using the correct preposition. The Year 2 children were working on writing sentences with the homophones to/too/two and using the correct spelling and meaning!

In maths we have continued to work on representing numbers larger than 20 for the Year 1 children. Year 2 children have been working on subtraction and how we can use inverse operations to help us solve missing numbers sums.

Reception children have been busy consolidating their phonics learning and working hard within the grotto wrapping presents and marking out routes for Father Christmas. They have also been working on ordering numbers to 20.


In science we have been discussing our previous experiments and what we did and what we found out! In RE the children have been discussing the 7 days of Creation.


Now we must congratulate all the children for a fantastic Christmas Production! Weren't they all brilliant? We are super proud of them all and hope that you enjoyed their performances as they put in so much concentration and effort throughout the whole process. That is why we awarded the whole class with the Star of the Week this week!!


Next Week...

We are having our Christmas dinner on Wednesday 19th and the children can wear a christmas jumper for the day. Also Otter class will be having their christmas party on Friday 21st in the morning, letters have gone out regarding food donations and clothing.



This week in Otters...

Wow what another lovely week in Otters, we are in full swing with our preparations for the Christmas play and have busily created props and costumes accessories. Please can children bring in the costumes in a named bag to leave on their pegs for Monday. Aside from all the Christmas buzz that has started in Otter class this week, we have been doing lots of super learning. In Grammar the Year 2 children have been working hard on creating noun phrases and then changing the order of the adjective used and placing it in a complimentary position to create their sentence. For example, The enormous, green Dragon into The Dragon is enormous and green. They have also been developing their use of pronouns and changing sentences with noun phrases into sentences with pronouns to see the difference it makes to what you are saying. For example, The green dragon ate a big cake into He ate that. 

The Year 1 children have been exploring opposites and how for certain words we can add the prefix un and it will change the meaning to thew opposing adjective. For example The mouse was helpful and kind. The mouse was unhelpful and unkind.

Reception have been revisiting lots of the sounds that we have been learning this term to consolidate their learning. We have also focused on their knowledge of tricky words that we dont sound out.


In numeracy we have continued to work on counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and the children are getting really good at it especially when we do it backwards as this is harder. We also encourage them to start counting from any number to broaden their use of different numbers.


In science this week the Reception/Year 1 children were looking into wild weather and what they already know about different types of weather that we experience and that others may experience.

The Year 2 children have been testing rigidity and checking whether the plastic ruler, wooden ruler or cardboard would take more weight and which material was the bendiest. 

Please can I remind you to send in an item for our reverse advent. Each day of advent we are collecting an item in our reverse advent box for the local food larder. James McAdam will be taking all the reverse advent boxes from both schools along to the food larder to support those families who need to use it this christmas. 



This week in Otters...

Parents evenings went very well last week and we hope you all went away feeling happy. This week the children have had a fantastic week filled with lots of different relatives, from cousins to grannies.

As part of the relative week the children did activities such as drawing family portraits, learning about them when they were little and painting their pebbles as part of our whole school allotment project. The whole week has had a lovely community feel, which the children have really enjoyed. 

Aside from these lovely activities the children have still been working hard on their phonics, literacy and maths. The children have worked a lot on shape for the last couple of weeks which has proven a popular topic with lots of practical games which involve learning the shape names and properties. The children have become more confident in using their knowledge to test each other about different shapes that they have learnt about. 

In Grammar we have been revisiting what a noun is and how we identify a proper noun. The children have been using their observation skills to seek things out and decide if its a noun or not.

Children in need

We have had great fun this week with colouring competitions and various other activities and hope that we have managed to do our bit towards raising money for this worthy cause. 

The children look fantastic today dressed up in their spots and colours. Here are the winners of the colouring competition, who have one a voucher for the cake sale.


Our whole school allotment project based around the story 'Only One You' by Linda Kranz was a big hit on Friday and it was lovely to see lots of parents and grandparents joining us.


Thank you to all the relatives who have popped in to see us this week and enjoyed the activities with the children. It is lovely that we can invite you in to enjoy the children's learning with them.


Wow we have had a fantastic start to the second half of our Autumn Term. It all started this week with a wonderful trip to Bicton Arena, where the children had lots of fun exploring, experiencing, learning and creating. The apple pressing run by Tom from Mill Water School was fabulous and the fact that the children took part at every step within the process. Then the children impressed us by having a taste of the juice and taking some home to share with others. As well as the apple pressing the children managed to learn some information about bats and had a go at communicating like a bat and making some bats of their own. This was all topped off with a lovely exploration of the parkland at Bicton, led by Kate Ponting, the children were learning about the Lost Words that are no longer featured in the dictionary. Words like, Chestnut, Willow, Otter and Dragonfly! The children then used their magic to cast spells around the big magic tree, placing treasured that they had gathered along the way and whispered the lost words back into the tree.

As a follow up activity the children have this week visited the allotment and have revisited some of the lost words we had talked about before. The Year 2 children have then created their own kennings poems about the things they saw and experienced on the trip whilst in the outdoor environment of the allotment. Year 1 and reception children created some more spells and allocated one of the trees at the allotment to be our own magic tree where we can keep those lost words alive.


Next Week...

Poppy merchandise will be on sale all of next week by the school councillors, so please send some money in with your child if they would like to buy something. There are rulers, pencils and lots of other new things that range from 50p to £1.


It is parents evening next Wednesday and Thursday, if you have not yet signed up then please do. The sheet is on the parent noticeboard outside our classroom.

This week in Otters...

We have been out for a lovely walk on Monday to East Budleigh looking at the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh. The children also collected lots of lovely natural autumn items which they have been using throughout the week in art.

In maths the children have been looking at money and for Year 2 revisiting and reinforcing skills they already have and reminding ourselves of how we can add and subtract different amounts. Year 1 children have been looking at the value of different coins and how 3x 2p coins is not the same as 3x1p coins.

Reception have been developing their number sense knowledge and number formation through games and activities throughout the week.

In literacy this week Year 1 children have focused on using and to connect two words. We discussed our likes and dislikes and how we can have these in common. They then wrote their own sentences to combine this information. I like cats and dogs. Florie and Maddie like horses.

The Year 2 children have been looking at statements and how we can change a statement into a question. They have explored how we can do this and come up with lots of examples in their books.

Reception have been exploring with new letters and sounds this week (they will come home in their sound books this weekend) they have also been learning some tricky words.


In science this week we played 'What's my Material' the children had to be detectives and keep asking questions about their material without looking at what it was. Am I flexible? Am I waterproof? When they had asked enough questions they had a guess about what they were.

We have also looked at the story of the Three Little Pigs and how they weren't brilliant builders with the materials they used for their houses. We are going to have a go at building the houses and testing them for ourselves next week!


Children were given the opportunity to express why they wanted to be a school councillor this week, then the names were picked out of a hat. In Otters we have Florie, Freddie, Harriet.W and Ollie. S representing our class in the meetings.


Next Week...

Please return the Young Writers competition entries next week.

This week in Otters...

What another great week all the children have had. The Year 2's had their chance to use the apples this week by making a delicious dutch apple cake and it tasted really yummy. 

In numeracy the children have been looking at using a number line to support with addition and subtraction. This will continue into next week with them learning further methods for subtraction. Reception children have been playing lots of fun games and activities to encourage their use of numbers within their play. They have also been looking at numicon pieces and working on their number recognition. If the number is 8, which numicon piece has eight holes in it...?

In literacy the children have been following the story of Marisol McDonald which again will continue alongside their weekly grammar sessions. 

The Year 2's have worked well with their No Nonsense Spelling this week and were listening to the natural beat of different words and practiced clapping the syllables. We discussed polysyllabic words and they worked out how many syllables some phase 5 words have. They may come home clapping your name!

In science we played 'Odd one out'. Continuing on with our work on the properties of materials the children have been considering how materials are different and how some are suited well to particular objects, while others would not.

Thank you to all the children (and their parents) who took part in the Budleigh Salterton Carnival. We came FIRST!!! It was great fun for all involved and the children all represented the school very well. Those that took part were rewarded with a head teachers award in collective worship.


If your child wanted to enter the young writers poetry competition 'Poetry Patrol' then please bring their completed form back before Friday 19th October. 


Next Week...

The children will be going off on their walk in East Budleigh as part of their history and geography work on Sir Walter Raleigh.

Can all children please bring in a pebble for our whole school allotment art project. Thanks to those who already have.

Wow what another fantastic week we have had!

The children have been looking at magnets in science and how the properties of materials are very important. We discussed how tricky it would be if our chairs were made from chocolate and our tables were made from jelly!! The children thought that it was a fantastic idea, but after discussing it we realised that wood has much better properties for our chairs and tables. All our science pictures are up on display in the class along with our properties of materials songs that we have made up together. 

The year 2's had to investigate how to remove a paper clip from a glass bottle full of water, without spilling any. They thought of lots of interesting ideas but were allowed to use a magnet. After this was introduced they managed to all successfully remove the paperclip, which led us to discuss magnetism.

The reception and Year 1 children have been looking at how we can write a set of ingredients for an apple crumble. Then on Friday they made one and it was yummy. They worked carefully to peel and chop the apples, measure out the sugar, oats, flour and butter and they worked well as a team sharing the jobs.

In maths the children have been working on their place value number knowledge and year 2 have been working on addition and the different methods that we can use. They have also worked on partitioning numbers so that we can work and play with numbers more confidently.

In literacy we have introduced a new text, Marisol McDonald doesn't match by Monica Brown which we will continue to unpick and explore next week.


Next week...

Please continue to bring in pebbles for our ongoing allotment project.

Budleigh carnival is this weekend on Saturday evening, if you are not taking part please do come and support Otterton's entry. 

This week in Otters...

We have had another great week, there have been some changes to the classroom especially for the year 2's but they are starting to adapt well and understand how we can all share certain spaces together.

We have had some fantastic news...we entered the Exmouth Rotary Gardening competition at the end of last term for best purple 4 polio patch and best edible herb and flower garden. The judging took place right at the end of last term and i have just had an email to inform us that we have won both categories! That is down to the children's hard work planting everything and helping it all to grow. The awards will be presented in the near future.

We have started looking at a new book 'Only One You' by Linda Kranz. It is a lovely story that really emphasises that there is only one of each of us in the World so we need to be ourselves and enjoy our journey in life. It also portrays the message that we can make this World a better place, it uses lovely imagery and short sentences to put the message across. The children listened to the story and the aim is that we are going to make our own representation of some of the artwork present in the book up at the allotment. This will be a project for the whole school and that is why we have asked for every child, over the next few weeks, to bring in one plain pebble. When we have created our artwork we will unveil it to parents up at the allotment.

In science this week we have continued to look at properties of materials and have tried to make up songs that tell us all about the properties that different materials are made from. So watch this space as we may have to make up some music to go with it and showcase it!


Next Week...

Next week the children will continue to look at the story of Perfectly Norman and revisit their grammar strand that looks at using conjunctions such as when, but, if, that, because. The Year 1 children have been thinking about what we need to remember when writing a sentence, so capital letters and full stops are key. They have also been looking at verbs and hammering them, so we will continue with this next week.


In numeracy they will continue to build up their understanding of place value because everything we know about numbers develops if we have a strong understanding of place value. Year 2's will continue to work on their tables and will look into using pictograms to record data.


Mrs Leat has asked that the children have a pair of socks in their PE bags please for when they use their plimsolls. This is especially handy when girls are wearing tights as they cant wear their tights for PE.


Wow what a wonderful second week we have had! We have been learning about Sir Walter Raleigh and how he plays an important part in the history of our local area. The children have visited the allotment again this week and have enjoyed seeing that lots more has been growing.

The potatoes we planted have grown and were ready to pull so, together we pulled the soil apart and had a look at the roots. This was very fitting as linked with our work on Sir Walter Raleigh.

The reception children loved using their investigative skills to explore the allotment.

Last week we also covered some science which had us discussing and categorising different materials. The children are great at this because they are naturally curious about what things are.


Next Week...

It is Jeans for Genes day next Friday the 21st of September so children can wear their jeans for a £1 donation.

Welcome back to some of you and HELLO to our lovely new members of the newly named Otters class! We would like to welcome, Leo, Ollie, Maddie, Lara, James, Tilly and Jessica to our class.


It has been lovely having the first few days of term to get to know all of you and hear about your lovely summer holidays. We have also talked about what will typically happen in Otters class and to let the reception children settle into our school. The Year 2's have had a taste today of what it is like in their own new classroom and have worked hard to try out new ways of working. 


You will have received a curriculum letter today that will outline what we will be covering this term and also some important information regarding PE/allotment days. This letter is also uploaded on the curriculum letter section of this page for you to view.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to greeting you for a full week at school next week.