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Kingfisher Class

Welcome to Kingfishers!

Kingfisher's Class is taught by Mrs Tribble. They are supported by Mrs Larsson and Mrs Newcombe.





After spending the half term designing, planning and making moving vehicles in Design and Technology, we held our own Italian Grand Prix - complete with pizza we made ourselves!

Pizza Making

Italian Grand Prix


Well done to our Year 6 children who took part in the Maths Challenge at ECC on Friday 23rd November.  They worked well together in their teams and were able to use and apply what they had learned at school to solve many of the challenges.


As we mark one hundred years of the end of World War One this weekend, I was very impressed and moved by the contributions made by the children in Kingfishers to our memorial service.

Well done to the children who read and wrote poems to remember.

Well done to those children who crocheted poppies for our own memorial wreath.

Well done to Jack Ponting for his moving rendition of the Last Post.

Well done to all of the children for the respect they showed when visiting the exhibition in the village hall and when they placed the crosses at the war memorial for all of the villagers who had fallen.


A huge thank you to everyone who either made cakes or came along to support our coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support this morning.  Well done to all of our year 6 'volunteers' who served the tea and cakes and even did the washing up!


The Fairlynch Museum

After a wonderfully invigorating walk to Budleigh Salterton we all thoroughly enjoyed seeing the John Millais painting of Sir Walter Raleigh and meeting the man himself.  He told us all about his life and his adventures.

After walking to the spot on the sea front they think is portrayed in the picture we continued to the beach for lunch.  We finished our afternoon with some pebble art - we tried to create images of Tudor Galleons.

Summer 2018 - Food Glorious Food

‘Food, Glorious Food’ is our new topic across the Federation.  Details about all the topics within this is on our curriculum letter which is now available on the Green Class Newsletter page (click on the link above). 


Week beginning 16.7.18 - What a wonderful last week of term with the highlight being the fabulous Summer Production on Tuesday.  We were sad to say goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 children at the Leavers' Service on Friday.  Green Class have had a very busy and successful year and it has been a pleasure to watch them learn and progress over the year.  We wish you all a very happy summer holidays and a well deserved rest. 


Week beginning 2.7.18 - The children thoroughly enjoyed presenting their work at the Kingfisher Award on Tuesday and all who attended were a real credit to our school.  They spoke knowledgeably and enthusiastically about the various topics they have been learning about.  The Year 5s enjoyed their visit to Exmouth Community College to attend a Maths trail on Thursday.  We also started a unit of work on poetry and have been working on Multiplicative reasoning in Maths - learning how to multiply larger numbers using a formal written method.


Week beginning 25.6.18 - The children have enjoyed completing their work for the Kingfisher Award and starting to learn their lines for the Summer production.  In Numeracy we have returned to Multiplicative Reasoning focusing on Prime numbers, Square numbers and Cube numbers in Year 5 and factors and multiples in Year 4.  The children enjoyed carrying out an investigation in Science about how temperature affects the rate of evaporation and also their final Cricket coaching session at the field.


Week beginning 11.6.18 - This week we have started a new block of work in Literacy on Explanation texts to support our work on the Kingfisher Award which follows our trip to Dalditch farm a few weeks ago.  In Numeracy we have returned to number sense, focussing on decimals, fractions and percentages.  In Science we set up several investigations linked to evaporation, condensation and melting and the 3 states of water.  The children also enjoyed their PE lessons on the field - athletics practising for sports day and cricket with an external coach.


Week beginning 4.6.18 - This week has been ARTS week across both schools and all classes. The children have had a wonderful time creating a range of different pieces of art using a range of different media.   Some of our artwork depicts Portraits of Tudor Personalities in the style of the period linking in with our learning in Topic recently.  The children paid very close attention to the texture of the clothing and creating an image with impact.  The children also made simple cups out of clay, just like the poor would have used in Tudor times.  The two-handled model was inspired by an antiquity from that period.  They used the coil method to create the structure and then smoothed the surfaces.  In addition the children also worked on a collaborative project reusing empty plastic bottles to make a large whale and individual bottlenose dolphins.  Their art work has been amazing and the children are delighted to have it on display this weekend at Salem Chapel, please come along to have a look. 


Week beginning 14.5.18 - This week we have been applying column addition and subtraction skills to solve 2 step word problems.  Year 5 have also learnt how to add and subtract fractions.  In Literacy we have continued our work on letters linking it to our topic work on the Tudors.  The children have been researching the lives of Henry VIII's wives both in their topic and Literacy lessons.  The children planned and carried out their own Science investigation about ice melting on Thursday - see photos below.  They also enjoyed their final Tag Rugby session with Mrs Mason - see photos below. 


Week beginning 8.5.18 - This week we have moved on to Letter writing in Literacy.  We begun by trying to write a formal and informal letter as our elicitation task.  Then we have spent the rest of the week learning the key features of these 2 types of letter and learning about their similarities and differences.  In Numeracy we have returned to Additive Reasoning so have been focusing on addition and subtraction.  In Science we researched the melting points of metals.


Week beginning 30.4.18 - This week the children wrote their final biography about Sir Walter Raleigh putting into place everything they have learnt about the features of biographies.  They worked extremely hard and are proud of their writing.  They have all made a huge amount of progress in this genre of writing over the past 3 weeks.  In Maths, we have focussed on time.  The children enjoyed investigating the melting point of chocolate in their Science investigation and also enjoyed Tag Rugby up on the field.


Week beginning 23.4.18 -  This week the children have been writing a biography about Mary Anning.  They collected facts, planned their paragraphs and then wrote a detailed biography.  They have achieved a high standard and should be proud of their writing.  Next week they will use the same process we have modelled to write their own biography of Sir Walter Raleigh, following researching him for homework this weekend.  In maths we have focussed specifically on measurements - converting between different units, which is an area the children have found tricky.  


Week beginning 16.4.18 - This week we have begun our Literacy by looking at biographies and learning about the key features of these non-fiction texts.  We returned to place value in Numeracy looking at counting on and back, rounding and solving problems involving these skills. 

Tag Rugby coaching 18.5.18

Science Investigation: Melting ice 17.5.18

Spring 2018 - Oh What a Beautiful World Overview of weekly learning

The winning hats for Green class!

The winning hats for Green class! 1
The winning hats for Green class! 2
The winning hats for Green class! 3
The winning hats for Green class! 4
The winning hats for Green class! 5
The winning hats for Green class! 6

DT Felt cases March 2018

DT Felt cases March 2018 1
DT Felt cases March 2018 2
DT Felt cases March 2018 3
DT Felt cases March 2018 4
DT Felt cases March 2018 5
DT Felt cases March 2018 6
DT Felt cases March 2018 7
DT Felt cases March 2018 8
DT Felt cases March 2018 9
DT Felt cases March 2018 10
DT Felt cases March 2018 11
DT Felt cases March 2018 12
DT Felt cases March 2018 13
DT Felt cases March 2018 14
DT Felt cases March 2018 15
DT Felt cases March 2018 16
DT Felt cases March 2018 17
DT Felt cases March 2018 18

Gymnastics Vaulting 2.2.18

Working practically with fractions and decimals 31.1.18

Autumn 2017 Anything is Possible overview of weekly learning

Children in Need 17.11.17

Children in Need 17.11.17 1
Children in Need 17.11.17 2
Children in Need 17.11.17 3
Children in Need 17.11.17 4

DT/ Science project: Making an Egyptian Shaduf

Gymnastics 29.9.17 Partner balances

Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17

Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 1
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 2
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 3
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 4

Forces - Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers 7.9.17

Green Class Charter - September 2017

Green Class 2016-2017

Digestion in action!

Green, Yellow and Class 3's orienteering walk on Woodbury Common 28.3.17

World Book Day in Green Class 2017