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Summer 2018

Homework 5.7.18


Please learn your part for the Summer play so you know it off by heart and where your cues are.  Also, please make sure you know all the words for the songs.

Homework 29.6.18


Finish your poem for the competition - instructions below.

Learn your lines for the play.

Homework 11.5.18


1) Learn spellings.

2) Complete Science sheet on Melting points in homework book or there is a copy below.

3) Finish Autobiography.


Homework 4.5.18

Homework 27.4.18

Homework 20.4.18

Spring 2018

Homework 23.3.18

Homework 16.3.18

Homework 9.3.18

Homework 23.2.18


In Design and Technology this half term, the children will be making a phone/ ipod case out of felt using different sewing techniques.  To further our work in class yesterday, please complete the market research survey and take measurements of the appliance you will make a case for. 


Learn your spellings and continue to practise your times tables. 

Homework 9.2.18

Over half term, we would like the children to start their Readathon challenge.  Your child will have brought home a pack to get started and will be able to tell you all about it.  


Please continue to practise times tables daily using any of the resources we have provided previously e.g. games below, speed tests, oral rehearsal.  The children are getting so much quicker and we'd like this to continue. 


Practise your spellings.


Homework 2.2.18

This week the children have a reading comprehension to complete in their homework books.  We have been working on these in class for the past 4 weeks - specifically focusing on how to retrieve the answers from the text in a very precise manner.  The children need to use evidence from the text to support their answers and are beginning to understand that a 2 mark question needs at least 2 reasons or their answer needs to be well reasoned and supported by evidence from the text.  

Please continue to practice times tables daily too.  You could print off the sheet from last week to see if you can complete it quicker.


Homework 25.1.18


Please learn your spellings and keep practising your times tables.

Complete the sheet in your homework book.  A copy is here too if you want to repeat it to see if you can beat your time.

Homework 19.1.18

This week the children have a piece of Literacy stuck into their homework books.  It follows on from sentence work we have been focusing on in class to do with linking ideas within paragraphs using adverbial phrases.  This will help improve their story writing next week.


Adverbial phrases tell you when, how, where or how often something happens.  They help your writing flow smoothly.  They can come at the start of a sentence - this is called a fronted adverbial and they need to be followed by a comma.  E.g. Without warning, the boy sprinted off.

You can also have adverbial phrases at the end of a sentence e.g.

Without warning, the boy sprinted off into the depths of the rainforest.


Please complete the sheets in your homework book.  Also practise your spellings which are a recap on words we learnt last term.  Finally continue to practise your times tables daily.




Homework 12.1.18

These are some times tables games for you to use to practise your times tables daily at home.

Homework 5.1.18


Please learn your topic based Spelling words for a spelling test on Monday.  They are saved in the Spelling section of our website if you need a copy.

Autumn 2017

Please organise your costume and learn the song words for the Christmas Play.

Costumes must be in on Monday 11th December in a named bag please. 

Open the week 11 document for details of your costume!

Don't forget to practise your times tables and spellings every day too!

Homework 24.11.17

Homework 10.11.17

Homework 6.10.17

Homework 15.9.17