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Class One Information(old)

This week in Class 1...

The children have had a fantastic week, but thinking back to last week they were very well behaved and had great fun on the federation trip to Bicton. 

They have also had a fantastic walk, lovely leavers service and a brilliant hearty cooked breakfast as a whole school this morning.


All that is left to say is thank you for your continued support and have a fantastic Summer break with your lovely children.

Mrs Pelosi-Sturgess, Mrs Cocker and our lovely LSA's

This week in Class 1...

Wow, what another great week in Class 1. The children have been so fantastic at showing respect by sitting quietly, watching and listening to the older children as they rehearse for the performance of Pirates of the Curry Bean. All the teachers have commented and congratulated the younger children for waiting patiently for their part.

Also this week we have been taking some time to look back over what we have achieved this year. Many of you came in to have a look at your children's books, which I hope you enjoyed and could see the progression they have made especially in their writing. 

We have been playing some maths games this afternoon which have promoted our school value of friendship. The Year 1 children were paired with the Reception children and they helped to support the younger members of the class with addition sums that need to be completed using a dice. It was lovely to watch and listen to all those encouraging words being used.

Sidmouth Rotary Gardening Competition 2018

We had some brilliant news this week, we entered the Sidmouth Rotary gardening competition this year and Otterton school won first prize!!! This is such an achievement, the judges came and saw Sophie's garden but also went to the allotment and saw how much hard work and effort had gone into it over the last year so they awarded us with a shield for Most Improved Garden 2018 and the winners cup for the Best Garden 2018. Well done to all the children in Class 1 and 2 who have been visiting the allotment once a week and helping to make it worthy of first place. Also a big thank you to all those parent helpers and volunteers who have helped a tremendous amount along the way. Tia and Theo from Class 2 went to the Victoria Hotel in Sidmouth on behalf of all the children to accept the awards. We have also entered the Exmouth Rotary Gardening competition, which is being judged next week so watch this space!



Well done to all for a fantastic performance on Thursday in the Church, I think you will all agree that the children looked fabulous and sang beautifully in front of a church full of people. Thank you to all who came to show your support.


Tomorrow is our federation trip to Bicton Park. Please can children be dropped off at Bicton at 9.30am, wearing their school top and own clothes (suitable clothing and shoes). The children will also need socks on to enter the soft play area. They will need suncream, a water bottle and packed lunch in a rucksack that they can carry themselves. I will be taking their school hats for them to wear for the day.

This week in Class 1...

What a fantastic week it has been full of rehearsals for the play that will be next Thursday. It has been lovely listening to all the catchy songs this week in preparation for all your little ones singing along and the biggest children of the school doing their final performance at Otterton school. 

The children have started their new literacy sequence on The Tiger Who Came to Tea and we have been discussing, from reading the story and looking carefully at the pictures, how old they think the story is. As Judith Kerr wrote the story 50 years ago we have looked at how we don't tend to have our groceries delivered by a boy on a bike or our milk on the doorstep in a glass bottle. We then discussed how we can still purchase our milk and groceries in this way and how many families are going back to this way of shopping.

We had a fantastic tea party and face painting session at the allotment this afternoon to celebrate our literacy sequence.

In maths the children have been developing their skills in number work this week.

The children were lucky enough to have a visit from Cats Protection this week, it was lovely to see them listen carefully and join I appropriately.


Next Week in Class 1...

Our School performance is next week on Thursday at 1.30pm and again at 6pm in the Church. Please come along to watch.

On Friday 13th next week we are going on our federation trip to Bicton Park which Class 1 children have been working really hard to get their stamps on their reward charts and a couple have filled theirs up already.

This week in Class 1...

Wow what another fantastic couple of weeks we have had. There have been lots of swaps with the staff over the last two weeks because Mrs Cocker moved house and I have got married, so we hope it didn't cause too much confusion. Its all back to normal now!

The children were lucky enough to have a fantastic trip to Dalditch farm this week in the glorious sunshine. Thank you to all those parent helpers, a good day was had by all.

The children also, the week before, had a fantastic cat in the hat day! The children have really enjoyed their literacy sequence on the story , using lots of rhyming words.


On top of all this fun, Class one did a fantastic job alongside all their team mates at the Otterton school sports day. Well done for showing such great sportsmanship and effort throughout the afternoon.


Next Week...

Next Friday the 6th of July, we have our Tiger who came to tea party in Class 1 to start our new literacy sequence. The children do not need to dress up for this event, however we do need the consent forms for face painting returned please.

This week in Class 1...

This week we have started our literacy sequence on Green eggs and Ham and the children have been looking at The Cat in the Hat ahead of their special Cat in the hat day next week. The children have produced some lovely initial pieces of work and reception are starting to build their confidence with writing sentences.

We had a fantastic time at country dancing this week. Thank you to all those parents who came along to share that time with us and dance along for the patter cake polka.

Some children have taken part in the KS1 sports festival this morning, well done to those children.

After last weeks tremendous pull of onions and broad beans the children in class one have been preparing some yummy soup. They all showed a great interest and concentration whilst chopping the vegetables.

Next Week in Class One...

I will be teaching in Class one on Monday and Tuesday next week, Mrs Cocker on Wednesday and Thursday and then the lovely Mrs Mitchell will be in Class one on Friday. We also have our new starters coming in on Monday afternoon for their first session with us, which be very exciting for both them and us.

On Thursday 21st the Children have their Cat in the Hat day with Mrs Cocker and the following Wednesday 26th it is the Dalditch farm trip.

This week in Class 1...

Well what a fantastic first week back after half term we have had! The whole school trip to the aquarium on Monday was wonderful. Since that the children have been enjoying arts week and all the fun (and mess!!) that it brings with it. The children worked very hard creating their aquariums, they showed great values and displayed our school values of koinonia, friendship and trust when working in teams to create three aquariums. This involved the children listening to each others ideas, creating drawings and plans together an then working as a team to construct their aquarium. They look fantastic. 

We also wanted to do some art work themed around our aover-arching theme across the federation of 'food glorious food'. As we have been looking at the story The giant jam sandwich for our literacy we decided to make our version of a giant jam sandwich covered in swarming wasps. The children really enjoyed making the bread and jam filling, especially because we used two old pillows! They even made a picnic blanket for it to sit on. Please do go and see the finished artwork from all the children at Otterton at Salem Chapel this weekend. If you do see the giant jam sandwich see if you can spot the odd one out!

The last bit of news from this week is that we have just been to the allotment and picked onions and broad beans. There were so many which is fabulous and shows the children that if you put a bit of effort in at the beginning and tend to the plants along the way then you can grow some delicious vegetables. You should have all received some sort of produce home today from our allotment trip, so enjoy. There will be various other things to pick over the next few weeks.

Well what a fantastic last week of the half term Class one have had. We had time paired up with children from Class 3 to create some clay models which was lovely for the children, as the older ones naturally took on the teacher role by supporting the younger children with their creations.

The children have also planned for their art work that they will complete on the first week back after half term linked to our literacy topics and our trip to the aquarium.

We have had lots of lovely PE sessions this week and our last cricket session with Sophie, the children made her a lovely card to say thank you.


On the last day of term the children went on their picnic along the River. It was really lovely and the children were so keen to look for all the items on their spotter sheets along the way. They used their frames to frame what they could see along the way. The whole class were superbly behaved and had a lovely picnic when we finally reached our destination! 

Thank you to those parents who joined us and helped along the way.


All that is left to say is have a lovely half term break and we will see you for the aquarium trip, early on Monday 4th June.

This Week in Class 1...

I would just like to start by saying a big thank you to class 1 for being so considerate to the Year 6 children this week. As our classrooms are next door to each other the children have made a conscious effort to be quiet while the Class 4 children have had some assessments this week. They even tried extra hard whilst outside doing PE, so well done.

This week the children have been watching our three little chicks grow. We have said goodbye to them today as I explained that we wouldn't want them to be on their own over the weekend. Thank you to Honeys mum Kathi for organising this for us, it was a wonderful experience watching the life cycle unravel in front of our eyes. 

The children were very lucky and had a trip to Stantyway farm on Wednesday. It was wonderful for the children to go on a tractor and trailer ride up to the farm from school. They also learnt lots about everything that happens at Stantyway farm. Thank you to Harriet's family for having us.

The children had a fabulous trip to the Mill this week too! They watched as the gentlemen showed them the milling process and explained how it is a water powered mill that grinds the grain between two stones to produce the flour. The Year one children then had a maths lesson in the shop when i asked them to work out how much change we would have with our £20 note. The flour was £2.95 so we decided to round it up to £3 and the children then needed to think about what goes with 3 to make 20 by using their number bonds to 10 and 20 knowledge (the lady in the shop thought they were brilliant for having a go at working it out together). We have then brought the flour back and made bread rolls with it (not sure how successfully though!) so they have learnt about the whole process from field to plate.

As part of our literacy the children are starting to map out the story of the lighthouse keeper's lunch to enable them to write their own versions next week. The reception children have been developing their confidence in writing a sentence independently. 

In maths we have been working on telling the time, so see if they can tell you what the time is on a clock at home.

As part of our RE this week we have been thinking about how we can follow in someones footsteps. Instead of physically following them around we can be like them or follow their guidance. We then related this to following in Jesus' footsteps and the children cam up with ideas of how they could follow in his footsteps in their day to day activities.


Next Week...

We are having our joint picnic with Red Class along the River next Thursday 24th May, as part of our literacy topic on the lighthouse keeper's lunch and the overarching topic of food. I am still looking for some parent helpers for this trip, it would be from 11.45 for a couple of hours. lease let me know if you can help.

This week in Class 1...

Well what another fun week it has been, the children have started a new literacy sequence with the story 'The lighthouse keeper's lunch' where some pesky seagulls steal Mr Grinling's lunch that his wife makes and carefully sends over to him at the lighthouse. The Year ones have discussed and written descriptions for the two characters Mr and Mrs Grinling whilst the Reception children have done some excellent pictures of seagulls, zip wires , baskets and scared cats! 

The children have continued to work with Sophie this week on their cricket skills, watching them has been lovely because they are listening and developing their skill set whilst having lots of fun outside.

In maths we are revisiting time and money to check that we keep our understanding and ability to problem solve is still going. They are also covering number sense work on place value of numbers, which is key to building confidence when using larger numbers.

The children have been carefully watching our eggs and have noticed that we are at the end of the calendar! Today we had our first chick hatch which was so exciting to watch for the children.

We will watch them carefully over the weekend to see if any more hatch.


Next Week...

We have a trip to Otterton Mill next Thursday 17th May, to watch the milling as part of our whole school theme 'food glorious food'. Children can come to school in their normal uniform and it will not affect normal school drop off/pick up times. Class 1 also have an exciting shared picnic with Red Class planned as part of our literacy sequence. This will take place on Thursday 24th May along the River. If any parents are happy to volunteer at this picnic, please let me know. Letters regarding both of the above are going out this week.

I would just like to say thank you for your continued support with all the trips and fun activities we have planned for Class 1. Without support regarding transport and volunteering then it wouldn't be possible.

This week in Class 1...

The week started with a wonderful visit to Kathi's farm. The children had a fantastic time surrounded by chickens, lambs and other wonderful animals. The children were able to bottle feed the lambs and collect up the eggs from the chickens.

The children have also been working on their knowledge of telling the time this week and we focused on how there are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years and how we order them. The Year one children have made their own clocks to help them when they are solving problems involving time as a visual tool.

In phonics this week, as well as revisiting the key sounds we have looked at adding 'ing' to a verb (go + ing = going . Our grammar activity today had the whole class making an alphabetical list of nouns that they would buy from the market. We managed it in the end with lots of funny examples.

Class 1 and 2 had their Allotment afternoon tea and how fabulous it was! Thank you to all parents/family members who could attend the allotment this afternoon to support what the children have achieved.


Next Week...

The children will continue with their new literacy sequence around the story The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. 

In PE the children will be working with Sophie again learning all about cricket, which they have loved over the past few weeks.

This week in Class 1...

Well lets start by saying well done for all who attended the Mad Hatters Parade and showed off their wonderful hats. It was a wonderful morning even with the wet weather!

This week the children have had lots of interesting trips out already, with lots also coming up throughout the rest of the Summer Term. Firstly Class 1 were joined by some students from Bicton and they had a lovely time on the Green making bug houses which are now up at the allotment ready for some new inhabitants.

Class 1 have also been lucky enough to have a trip to Tesco this week to learn all about were our food comes from and how it ends up in the supermarket and then on our plates.

Apart from all this excitement the children have been continuing with their regular phonics, numeracy and literacy sequences. 

This week Kathi came in to check the eggs to see if any of them are growing and luckily lots look like they are. The children really enjoyed getting involved and helping Kathi and Honey check them one by one.


Next Week...

The children have a trip to Kathi's farm on Monday where they will meet the lambs and help feed them. We also have an afternoon tea at the allotment next Friday 4th May (rearranged from Friday 11th May) which hopefully weather permitting will go ahead and the children can show off all their hard work. The letter with more information will be coming home today. 

This week in Class 1...

Welcome back to all our lovely Class one children and what a first week we have had. We have been settling back by hearing about lots of lovely things that the children have been doing over the Easter holidays but also looking forward to events coming up. The children have been busy making their hats ready for Saturdays Mad Hatters Parade and they look fabulous.

We have also had a very exciting arrival of some eggs and an incubator for the children to watch grow and learn about the life cycle, before watching them hatch and being able to hold the chicks before they are returned. We have made a calendar to keep track of how many days we have had them and the important job of re-filling the water in the incubator so the eggs have the right humidity to help them grow and develop. We have talked about how the incubator slowly moves to keep the eggs moving just like when a chicken would move them around a nest.

In Literacy this week the children have begun looking at the story 'The GIANT Jam Sandwich'. This has led the Year One children to think about noun phrases, spot them in the book and then create their own. Reception children have continued to do some great practice of their tricky words and forming sentences with these words. In maths we have used the Bee Bots to understand position and direction. The children then used their bodies to turn a quarter, half or whole turn and challenged their friends with different routines of turns.


You should all have recieved the Summer term curriculum letter today which details more about what the children will be learning this term. We will also be giving you some dates for your diary shortly.

It has started to get hotter over the last few days and hopefully this lovely weather will last, can we ask that children bring a named suncream to school. This is important on a Friday as we will be visiting the allotment and at present there is little shade up there (we are working on providing shaded areas).

For PE Mrs Leat has asked that children have a spare pair of socks in their PE bags and that children have their hair tied up.

Hope to see some of you over the weekend at Mad Hatters.


This week in Class 1...

Well that was a show stopping week! Well done to all of Class one for a fantastic end of term performance to parents. We are extremely proud of the effort and enjoyment that they have put into their learning this term. The reception children have grown in confidence and are a delight to play and learn with. The Year one children have been showing us all their skills and are also growing in confidence in their problem solving and independent writing tasks.

This week the children have showed their creative sides by learning songs, dances, making cards and Easter baskets. Here are some pictures of our week.


Mrs Berry had her last day with us today so we want to say a big Thank You for supporting the children at lunchtimes.



We hope you all have a fantastic Easter and we will see you after the break.

Wow we weren't expecting another snow day this week, especially in March! 

This week the children have been busy getting a few bits ready for their grande finale next weeks and Wednesday 28th at 2.30pm. 

In Literacy this week the children have been talking about their favourite items at home, whether it is a comfy chair, their nice warm bed or a big brown teddy bear. We have thought about the story of The Town and Country Mouse and how Pippin and Toby like very different things. We discussed how Pippin was feeling home sick and enjoyed getting back home to his home comforts. The reception children drew wonderful pictures of their favourite things and wrote a few words to describe the item they had chosen.

In numeracy Year one children, along with their measuring activities, have been reinforcing their ability to count in tens. Reception have worked on looking at odd and even numbers.

The children have been fab at trying new things and are really developing a growth mindset with the learning. We tried hot cross buns linked with our work on The Easter Story and why we celebrate at Easter. Lots of the children said they didn't think they like hot cross buns but were happy to give them a try. We talked about a little seed in PSHE this week after looking at a story 'Rooting for you' by Susan Hood. This seed felt a little nervous and shy so didn't want to come up out of the soil. The children did a fantastic job of giving our little seed lots of encouraging words to support her in growing up out of the soil.

The school have been supporting Sport Relief all week and carrying out a daily challenge including a mile run, skipping challenge, jumping, hoops in the basket and press ups. Well done to all of class one for coming in their sporty clothes today to get active for sport relief. Also a big thank you for the cake donations for the cake sale.

There are more photos of the event on the news and events page and school council page.


Next Week...

It is the last week of the Spring Term before the Easter holidays next week. We have our finale afternoon on Wednesday and the End of Term Service on Thursday 29th March. Please feel free to grab a couple of extra reading books for your child for over the Easter holiday, to keep them reading whilst not at school.

This week in Class 1...

We have started lookign at our new literacy sequence that follows the story of the Town Mouse and Country Mouse. The children have made a fantastic start by thinking about what the Countryside is like, what a Town is like, where we may have visited, where we would prefer to be. They have also worked hard today to look at the two mice in the story and describe their characters, what they like and dislike. Reception had a go together as  agorup and worked really well listening to each others ideas.

The Year one children really tried to refer back to what they had noticed form the story itself, which was fantastic.

In Numeracy the children have been looking at weight and measuring in millimetres, centimetres and metres. We went out onto the playground today to have measurement challenges, where the year one children were estimating whether certain items on the playground were longer or shorter than 1 metre. The reception children had instructions to draw a mouse with a long tail and a mouse with a short tail and discuss which had the longest tail and shortest tail.

They are continuing their science work on animals including humans and at the allotment today found lots of lovely new beetles. The class started preparing our purple patch at the allotment and also have noticed that the bulbs we planted before christmas have shooted and there are lots of lovely flowers cropping up.

In religion this week we have started looking at The Easter Story and we have discussed why we have hot cross buns and eggs at Easter time. Ask them to see if they can explain why!


Next Week...

If anyone would like to visit the allotment with Class 1 please let me know as you are always welcome to come along to see how the children get quite so muddy each week!

Don't forget it is sport relief next week details are listed below.


Sport Relief will take place all of next week.

Activities are as follows:

  • All children will complete a ‘Daley’ challenge after lunch from Monday to Friday which will include activities such as, run a mile around the playground, 100 jumps, skipping challenge, twenty baskets in the hoop, and twenty five press-ups.
  • Children will be asked to bring any loose change throughout the week to place on the sport relief money box placed in each classroom.
  • Children will be invited to wear their sporty clothes on Friday the 23rd March for 50p or £1 per family.
  • There will also be a cake sale on Friday after school in Class one. Please get baking!
  • Weather permitting there will be sporting activities on the playground after school on Friday 23rd March.

This week in Class 1...

Wow we have had an exciting week in class 1 following on from our fun in the snow last week. Now we are all thawed out and have looked back at the wonderful photos of us enjoying the snow we have warmed up and carried on with our learning. The children had a fantastic school trip to Exeter Museum. Thank you to those who helped and shared this wonderful trip with us. There are lots of photos already on our page for you to look at. 

The children were lucky enough to also have a World Book Day re-run! The children didn't disappoint with their fantastic costumes.

There are lots more photos further down on this page. As well as writing book reviews and character descriptions, the children had a carousel of stories where each teacher read them a different story in their coloured teams. This was all finished off with a yummy hot chocolate and biscuit. It was lovely to see the older children mixed with the younger children and how they shared stories beautifully together.


Next Week...

We were unable to get to the allotment this week due to the weather so next week we will aim to start preparing our purple patch as part of the Rotary Gardening competition.


Please remember it is the Mothering Sunday service this Sunday 11th at 10am. We hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

To fundraise for Sport Relief this year, Otterton School will be having lots of fun throughout the week. Activities will include:

  • Completing a ‘Daley’ challenge Monday to Friday.
  • Pay to wear sporty gear on Friday 23rd!
  • Cake Sale and after school sporting activities on Friday 23rd.

More details to follow next week.

This Week in Class 1...

We have had a fantastic last week of this half term. The children loved their Chinese New Year celebration day on Wednesday and I think you will all agree that they looked wonderful with their Chinese masks and especially doing their Chinese dance. The photos are all on the website for you to have a look at and please remember there is a previous weekly news page on the website that has all the previous info and pictures on for you to look back at what they have done throughout the year.

As well as all the fun on Wednesday the Year one's have finished their Katie Morag stories and they will be made into a book for the children to look through and share with others. Reception children shared a book together this week called Josie and the junk box, they interacted well with the story and from this they have gone off and considered what they would create from the junk box. We then had some very creative reception children busy at the making bench creating car boxes, super heroes and aeroplanes. 

As part of their RE Class one have been talking about Shrove Tuesday and how Ash Wednesday  marks the beginning of lent. Then there are 46 days until Easter Sunday. The class made pancakes with myself as we talked about the reason we have pancake day is because the ingredients for pancakes were considered rich foods and so Christians would use them up before the beginnng of lent.


Next Week....

We would just like to say we hope you all have a lovely half term and we will see you after the break ready for another half term filled with fun learning.


This Week in Class 1...

Wow what a fantastic week, the children loved continuing with the Katie Morag theme by having their own Scottish day along with the little Otter children on Wednesday. There was shortbread biscuit making, dancing and singing thoughout the day and the children all looked fantastic in their tartan clothes.

The Year ones have also been busy writing their own Katie Morag stories which are almost finished and sound brilliant. They have really been thinking about what they have learnt and have applied this to their writing.

In PSHE this week the children have considered the story of Incy Wincy Spider and how he does not give up even despite the rain pushing him back down. The children have thought about something that challenges them but that they would like to achieve. They placed it at the top of a drainpipe so that they can see that if they keep trying they will gradually move up and achieve their goal just like Incy Wincy Spider.

The allotment this week was really sunny and the children have been checking how our crops are growing steadily. Hopefully soon we will have broad beans, onions, carrots, beetroot and radishes to show for their hard work in the autumn term.


Next Week....

Please continue to change your child's reading book if it is needed but also to write in their reading log when they have read at home so they can earn their reading certificates. A reminder that the children have some words each week to be spelt (Year One) or read (Reception) in their relevant green/yellow books in their book bags. 

The children have had another great week. We had a lovely time on the walk around the Village on Tuesday, delivering lots of mail to the residents of Otterton. Since then the children have had some lovely replies, which we have thoroughly enjoyed reading in class. As part of their literacy, the year ones have been looking at the power of connecting two short sentences with and, to add more detail in their sentence writing. This will help them with their story writing in line with the Katie Morag stories we have been hearing and sharing.


In numeracy the children have been using their knowledge of counting in twos and tens to support them in working with money. For example if I bought a cake at the cake sale for 50p and a biscuit for 10p, if I count in tens I can work out how much i am spending. To support the children at home you could ask them to count in twos or tens forwards and backwards to build their confidence and speed with it. Reception children had fun today forming their numbers on the blackboards outside with chalk. We were unaware at the time that the chalk was very wet so crumbled away onto the floor, this then sparked excitement and interest in the children and at the same time has made some very interesting colours on the floor!


The children interacted with a story about a girl who was learning to ride her bike this week as part of our PSHE work, which a lot of the children could relate to. It reminded the children of how it can feel when you are first learning and when sometimes we fall off. All the children through talking with a partner came up with some encouraging words that they would offer to the girl who had fallen off her bike to help her get back on and try again. One funny example was, "if you get back on and try again i'll give you some chocolate!" Joking aside though, the children gave some lovely examples of encouraging words, offering to show her how they do it or help her through trying herself.


Next Week....

Please continue to change your child's reading book if it is needed but also to write in their reading log when they have read at home so they can earn their reading certificates. A reminder that the children have some words each week to be spelt (Year One) or read (Reception) in their relevant green/yellow books in their book bags. The children have also come home with a library book each this week, for you to enjoy with your child.

We are struggling to get to the allotment due to not ahving enough adult support so if anyone can spare an hour on a Friday afternoon from 1.15pm then please let me know.  

Thank you again to all those who have written to the children already but it still isn't too late as the children love recieving them.

This Week in Class 1...

The children have continued to look at where they live and compared it to where Katie Morag lives. The Year ones have described the setting of The Isle of Struay, using their super sentence writing. Reception children have been looking at a map of the Isle of Struay and discussing what they can see. 

In numeracy we have been focusing on finding 2 more/less than a number and 10 more/less than a number. This is tricky to grasp as the children need to understand that if 10 more/less only the tens number will change. The children have been using lots of resources to help and are trying really hard to start counting in tens or twos to help them to use different methods not just their fingers.

The children have looked at the story of The Lost Sheep as part of their religion this week. They really enjoyed listening to the story, acting it out themselves and then considering why Jesus could be considered like The Good Shepherd and us the lost sheep. 


Next Week in Class one...

The children are due to be going out on a walk around the village on Tuesday morning (23rd January).

This Week in Class 1...

The children have started their literacy sequence on the story 'Katie Morag delivers the mail' which they have all been enthusiastic about. As part of this they have been on a walk around the village to look at the different buildings and in particular some of the children's houses. Thank you also for sending pictures in of your houses, the children have started to draw and paint them but this will continue into next week. 

The Year one children have also been looking at place value within their numeracy this week, developing an understanding of what a number is worth and how if we have 10 ones it then becomes 1 ten. This will be ongoing to really develop an early understanding of place value which will help them as they move up through the school.

Reception children have worked at representing numbers in different ways today and their confidence in recognising numbers is growing.

The children had fun teraching me how to put my coat on this week as part of our PSHE topic on developing a growth mindset and having a go at things ourselves but still taking help and guidance from others.


Next Week...

We will continue working on Katie Morag within our Literacy and looking further into our area compared to the Island of Struay.

Reminder- Allotment is on a Friday so please send in (or keep at school) some spare clothes/ warm coat/ wellies.

Reading - Please feel free to change your childs book if you feel it hasn't been changed. We do have some more volunteers now but if you feel your child needs a new book just ask them to choose one (we just ask that its the same band that we have put them on).

Thank you

Welcome back to Class 1, we have settled back into school over the last couple of days. The children have been sharing what they have been doing during the Christmas holidays. 

The classroom has changed a little and now feels quite open and spacious, the children have enjoyed using the new post office role play area that is linked with our literacy sequence on the book 'Katie Morag delivers the Mail'. We have also revamped the outside area and house classroom which means we have lots more lovely spaces for Class 1 children to take their learning and exploration. The children had a go with the new sand pit, construction area and chalk boards this afternoon.


Allotment will start up again next week, so children will need spare clothes, a coat and wellies for next Friday please.


The Spring Term curriculum letter went home with the children this afternoon so please have a read to find out what is going on throughout this term. A copy has also been added to the website for you to look at if required.


We look forward to another lovely term with Class one.

We have had a brilliant first term in Class 1! We would just like to say thank you to all the lovely children in our class for making our jobs easy because the Year ones have settled back into school after the summer holidays and the reception children have done a superb job at settling in to their new school.

Our Achievement cup for this term went to Rosie Reynolds for really persevering and building her confidence and resilience over this term. Well Done Rosie.

All there is left to say is we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This Week in Class 1...

Wow, we are so proud of Class one for their efforts in the school production of The Little Fir Tree. They all did a brilliant job of singing, dancing and saying their lines. It has been a busy week for Class one and i am sure they will be a little bit tired after a busy end of the week especially. We have had lots of parents mention how they really enjoyed the show which is always lovely to hear because the children put in so much effort and have such a good time.

Other exciting things that have happened is our delicious Christmas Dinner that we all shared together in class today. It was a really enjoyable time sat together sharing food and some great conversations with the children. But also it was nice to share our lunch with those who normally serve the children lunch, some Governors and adults who have volunteered some of their time to the school.

The children in amongst all this fun have been making some special things to sell at the Christmas bazaar next Thursday, so make sure you have a look for what your child has made. 


Next Week...

The children will no doubt be getting a bit excited for Christmas by next week, so there will be lots of craft activities going on, exploring with their friends and winding down for the end of term. As part of our literacy sequence on Man on the Moon, we will be sending our letters off in balloons to finish our literacy sequence. We will also still be revisiting our key maths skills throughout the week. Class One will be having a fun afternoon on Tuesday, as it will be our end of term party.

This Week in Class 1...

We have been getting excited for our school performance of the little fir tree next Thursday. The children have been over to the church to start getting to used to the space, the acoustics of the church and to see where they will be when parents, grandparents and friends come to watch their performances next week. Class One is continuing to feel very Christmassy and the children have been using Santa’s Grotto to practice their letter writing skills and for Reception children it is encouraging them to mark make with a purpose and build confidence in having a go at putting pencil to paper. We have continued with our Man on the Moon Literacy sequence and the children have thought about what they would offer to someone who may be feeling sad or lonely at this time of year. The Year ones have written some lovely prayers and Reception have thought about what they would do for others around them. It is really lovely to listen to the children’s responses. 

In numeracy the year one children have been looking at subtraction and have been eager to continue with a colour by numbers subtraction picture. 

The children have started to use their creative sides to make some lovely pictures for the upcoming performance and some craft bits for the Christmas bizarre! Today as part of a grammar session the children wowed me with their superb sentence writing. They have worked on identifying a noun, verb and adjective and then they had a go at putting all three in their sentences. This is tricky when they still need to remember to use capital letters, full stops and try to spell common words that they know.


Next Week...

The dress rehearsal for the performance is on Monday so the children will get a chance to do their beautiful singing with their costumes on.  Thank you for supporting the children with the new book bag boxes, this seems to be working really well so far and the trays are clear for the children to use their whiteboards more freely. As always please feel free to change your child's book with them at the beginning or end of each day if they need changing but please stick to the same colour band that we have set them on. 

Next Friday the 15th is Christmas dinner day at school, children will be able to wear a Christmas jumper on this day. 

This week...Christmas has arrived in Class 1 this week, we have a Santa's grotto, a Christmas tree, lots of decorations and our advent calendar. This time of year lends itself for lots of lovely writing opportunities and the children always have access to writing materials but the idea of writing a letter to Father Christmas or his Elves seems to spur on their writing. As part of our RE sessions we are looking at the Christmas story and thinking about the precious gifts that we have to give or have been given by others. The children have been encouraged to think about gifts that are not material possessions but more the gift of kindness and helpfulness. Our new Literacy sequence is looking at the John Lewis advert 'Man on the Moon', which has really encouraged the children to think about how the girl helped the old man and how they both might have been feeling. From this they have been writing some super sentences. The Year 1's have been focusing on what is needed in a sentence, looking at nouns and verbs.


In Numeracy the children have started working on capacity whilst continuing with their daily number sense work to strengthen their quick number recall knowledge. The reception children had fun estimating how many cones it would take to get from one point to the next.

At the allotment we have been looking at how some things are living and some are non-living. The children were listing/drawing what they could identify in these two categories.


Next Week...

The children will continue with their literacy on 'Man on the moon' and exploring capacity and subtraction in numeracy. We have noticed that the trays are getting a bit busy in Class 1 with the bookbags going in there each day so we now have an orange book bag box for reception children to place their book bags in each morning, and a yellow box for Year one children to put their book bags in. This will allow the children to get in and out of their trays to use whiteboards etc more easily each day. We are trying to instil a love for reading in the children but we cannot always hear them read as frequently as we would like. Please feel free to change your child's book with them at the beginning or end of each day if they need changing but please stick to the same colour band that we have set them on. 

Autumn Term Week One:

We have been having lots of fun in class 1 over the last three days. The Year 1 children have been fantastic at settling back into school after the holidays and the new reception children have had a lovely first few days at school.

We have all been thinking about how we can grow our brains and learn new things. The children have come up with ideas about how we can keep learning, such as asking for help if we find something tricky and trying things again. If the children come across something that they feel they can't do, they now say "we can't do it YET" which is fab!

Year One children have written down something they can do, something they can't do yet and thought about how they can get there.

As part of our over arching theme of Anything is Possible, the children have also been thinking about what they might like to do in the future with the mindset of anything is possible. A few of my favourite examples are, a tooth fairy, an artist, a pirate, a boxer, a hedgehog and someone who looks after a T-Rex!

The reception children have been making some super caterpillars with multi-link blocks and using their super counting skills to see how many pieces they need for the body.

The children have also been over to Class 3 to share some of their reading books with an older peer.


Next Week in Class 1...

We will be starting off our literacy work by exploring the story Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris and let's just say there will be lots to spark their imaginations! We are hoping to start our allotment trips next week, so please send spare clothes and wellies on Friday.

Week Two:

We have had a very exciting arrival!! You will never guess what it is...a dragon egg! The children have loved the mysterious arrival and have been trying to figure out how it got there. Some children even thought that they could hear the mummy dragons claws knocking on the door! The children then got extremely messy making their own eggs out of paper mache. There has also been a lot of exploration in the shredded paper which is home to lots of animals for the children to find.

In Numeracy, the children had fun helping the Gruffalo fill his hungry, grumbling tummy by adding one more mouse to his plate. They also helped poor mouse with his tiny tummy have one less nut on his plate. Year 1 children have been using dice to test their understanding of one more and one less and will move on to finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number. In literacy Year 1 children have been constructing some super sentences by looking at a picture, saying their sentence out loud and then writing it. They have also been drawing dragons and describing what they are doing by using a verb.


In religious studies this week we had a strong focus on the school value of friendship. The children have been thinking carefully about what a friend is and what makes you a good friend? We read a story about David and his poorly back which had a strong emphasis on friendship and how we can help others. From this the children have written some sentences and drawn some beautiful pictures of their friends to go in our friendship book.


Next Week...

We're really looking forward to making some dragon food in our mud kitchen and also creating capes for our hunt around the village.

Week Three

We have had another exciting week in class 1!! The arrival of the dragon has brought lots of exciting opportunities for some super writing and number skills. A letter was left that told the children that the dragon liked soup so the children then wrote their own letters to the dragon asking various questions. Some children had ideas about what they would like to find out from the dragon while others wanted to thank the dragon. We constructed letters that asked, what its name is, what it likes in its soup, whether it is kind and even a thank you for protecting us and the school. The children looked for clues and eventually spotted the reply left by the dragon.

From this we have been able to have some brilliant learning opportunities, as well as writing letters the children have also written ingredients needed to make some glittery soup for the dragon, then follow their recipe to make the soup and the reception children have been counting out different ingredients for their plates of food.

We also managed to get up to the allotment this week, which was thanks to all who helped get it ready for us to go and explore. We had a lovely time and hopefully the children can tell you about all the different creatures we found. We were lucky to have our Governor Mr Jonathon Ponting join us up at the allotment and he helped us to identify different species.

Well done to all the children who have been doing lots of excellent reading at home, some certificates went out today and i'm sure there will be lots more next week! Can I also remind you that Class 1's phonics/flashcards/spellings are in their book bags.

Week Four

We have had such fun in Class 1 this week, the children have been on a shared walk around the village with the Little Otters children. Along the way we were looking out for the baby Dragon and Mummy Dragon, we didn't manage to catch a glimpse of them, however we did find lots of glitter and feathers that led us all the way to the park. When we arrived at the park we saw a footprint that looked to have been left by a dragon, along with it was a package! Inside was a cuddly dragon for Class 1 to look after at school and some custard cream and bourbon biscuits. How did that dragon know we like biscuits!! Thank you to all the parents who came along or helped, the children's capes that they made are coming home for them to enjoy at home.

Also this week the children have been looking at how we can make our sentences super. We are beginning to remember that we use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end of our simple sentences. The children helped to think of a symbol to help remember about the capital letters.

The reception children have been working on strengthening their muscles in order to develop a suitable pencil grip for when they come to write later on. To help with this they have been using large anti-clockwise movements using ribbons and paintbrushes to support their gross motor skills and bean bag squeezing activities to strengthen their hands. They had great fun giving these activities a try. 

The children have had a wonderful opportunity to paint their own roof tile to go on the church roof this week. Photos of these will be in the photos section of the Class 1 page.


Next Week...

We will be looking more into our number bonds to ten so ask the children if they can remember our number bonds song! Just a reminder also to keep reading with your child at home, we have been able to give some more reading challenge certificates out this week which is lovely. New flashcards and spellings are in their book bags. Remember it is our Invention Afternoon next Wednesday so junk modelling supplies would be much appreciated.

Week Five

Well, what a fantastic week we've had in Class 1! The children have produced some lovely descriptive writing about their dragons. They all displayed wonderful growth mindsets through their determination to make to make their work better. We also had the best invention afternoon where all the children had a family member to help make a dragon trap. The children's enthusiasm and imaginations created some amazing traps.

The year one's really enjoyed constructing some silly sentences this week. The favourite was, the elephant is chasing sausages!

The children in Reception have had a go at sequencing the story of the three little pigs.

They also have been using their phonics knowledge to identify initial sounds in words and using pegs to show their understanding.


Next Week...

As we started to work our number bonds to ten this week, we will also be developing our quick recal of number facts to 10 next week.

Just a reminder also to keep reading with your child at home, we have been able to give some more reading challenge certificates out this week which is lovely. New flashcards and spellings are in their book bags.

Remember it is Class 1's trip to Clip and Climb on Monday, so we look forward to seeing you all after the weekend.

This Week in Class 1...

We have been preparing for our banquet this week so the children have worked hard to learn the poem and practise their lines ready to share with their parents and friends. I think they did a fantastic job and it was lovely looking at all those special moments from this half term.

Throughout the term the children have made capes, made dragon caves with clay, drawn dragons, made dragon soup and lots more within their learning. Thank you to everyone who came and have a lovely half term.


Last Week in Class 1...

We had yet another fab week, the children have been working hard on learning their number bonds to 10 and 20. Also the reception children have been matching numbers using the puzzle pieces this week. Lots of engaging in number in and around their environment is a great way of strengthening their number knowledge. Remember to show us what wows you, on Tapestry.

The children have had lots of fun making shapes in PE this week. They have had to use their core strength to hold their positions.

Can we ask that the children have a spare pair of socks in their PE bags because often the shoes and socks get damp during PE. Also if your children wears tights they will need a pair of socks to wear during PE as can't wear tights.

This week we designed our own Dragon caves! The children drew their design on paper and then took to the clay to produce their cave. These caves when they are finished will be relocated up to the allotment where the children can check each week to see if anything has made a home inside!



Next Week...

Class One will be working on constructing super sentences, remembering those capital letters and full stops. They will also be hammering those verbs into their sentences! The children are very excited for their banquet next Thursday afternoon at 2.15pm.

Wow, well what a great start to the second half of the Autumn Term. The children have had a fab week started off with a lovely trip to Bicton Arena. On the trip the children were learning all about different tree species and even different types of spiders! Their beautiful spiderwebs that they created on the trip are up on the wall in the classroom for everyone to look at and enjoy. There are also some lovely pictures from the trip on display. 

The children have also been looking into how we can stay safe if we are watching fireworks this weekend and especially if using sparklers. They have created some beautifully expressive fireworks pictures using oil pastels and paints. 

In Numeracy the children have been developing their knowledge of shapes and hunting for different shapes around the school. They have also been introduced to positional language and used toy animals to show their understanding of how the animal can change its position, for example from under the table to between the cusions.


Next Week...

The children will be extending their knowledge and understanding of shapes and positional language throughout the week. They will also be looking at their use of grammar in the super sentences they write.

We have had another great week in Class 1, we have been looking at new book as part of our literacy called Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats. It is about a boy who has a little baby sister and all the things he enjoyed and used as a baby suddenly are painted pink and used for his sister, which Peter doesn't feel very happy about. The children then brought in their beautiful pictures from when they were babies, along with a special item. We discussed how our special items make us feel and whether if we had to give them to someone else, if we could relate to how Peter was feeling. In the end Peter happily helps to prepare his old things ready for his sister and with lots of children with younger siblings in the class it was nice to hear them talking about their experiences.

In numeracy the children have been looking a positional language using toy animals. They were asked to place their animal somewhere in the room and then in a sentence tell us where their animal was positioned.

The Year 1 children have now got some new spelling words to have a go at whilst at home to reinforce what we are implementing at school. The reception children also have some words in their letters and sounds books for them to learn to read.


At 11am today the children went out to the memorial to pay respects and partake in a school rememberance service. This was led by James and there were some beautiful poems written and read by the year 6 children. Signay from reception and James from Year 6 together lay the poppy wreath on behalf of the school. The children each then stuck a poppy sticker on a poppy wreath on their return to school. 


Next Week...

The children will continue to work on the story Peter's Chair and will be working at writing some super sentences. Can I please remind parents that PE kits are needed on a Tuesday and Thursday and Allotment kit is needed on a Friday for Class 1. If anyone would like to help out at the allotment or offer an hour here and there towards hearing the children read throughout the week, your support would be greatfully recieved.

This Week in Class 1...

Well what a great finish to another lovely week in Class one a dressing up day for Children in Need. The children have enjoyed colouring pictures, making masks, completing spotty maths challenges and dressing up in spots! Well done to all the children who took part in the colouring competition and a BIG thank you to everyone who made, bought and ate cakes after school today to help Otterton School raise some very important funds for Children in Need. You should all be proud.

Also this week the Year one children have really knocked my socks off during our phonics sessions because we have introduced the a-e split digraph and they have all had a really good go at spelling some words using this sound. Reception children have also impressed me by having such a can do attitude towards forming their letters and words on their whiteboards and in their books.

The children have been looking at ordering positions into 1st, 2nd and third this week and have shown a great understanding of this. We had animals lining up and racing, along with questions that really got the Year ones thinking about which colour they need to use!

In RE the children looked at giving and receiving gifts and how that makes us feel, along with what would be our favourite gift to give to others (which worked well with our Children in Need activities). 


Next Week...

The Year one children now have spellings in their books that come home and should be practiced at home please. I then give them new words the following week. We are all working through the list of words the children should be able to write when they are at the end of year one. This is just to help the children to start recognising those words and being able to use them in their writing. The reception have words in their book bags that they need to read at home (not write), working in the same way as the flashcards.

As part of the literacy sequence looking at the book Peter's Chair, the children have all made new chairs for Super Monkey.

The children have also had another look at what makes a sentence and the Year ones have been identifying the different parts of a sentence.

In Numeracy the children have been looking at weighing using non standard measure, also they have looked at ordering numbers above 20 and their number formation skills.

At the allotment this week the children were collecting some materials to make an autumnal frame back at school. These have been started and the children will finish these off next week before they come home for you to enjoy. 

The reception children have been doing lots of work with reading and writing words to help embed their early phonetic knowledge. This included braving the cold and hunting for words in the playground.


Next Week...

The children will be starting a new literacy sequence using Man on the Moon (advert for John Lewis) and will move onto looking at capacity in numeracy. We have been lucky enough to have a visitor in our class this week called Mrs Walker. Mrs Walker is gaining soem work experience with Class one and will be with us for the next couple of Wednesday and Fridays. She has settled in very quickly and the children are enjoying her being with us.


Can I please remind parents that PE kits are needed on a Tuesday and Thursday and Allotment kit is needed on a Friday for Class 1. If anyone would like to help out at the allotment or offer an hour here and there towards hearing the children read throughout the week, your support would be greatfully recieved.