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17.5.17 - Digestion

The Mouth

'You start at your mouth and chew up the food. Molars are at the back of your mouth for grinding up all the food however the canines are for ripping meat into little pieces and the incisors are at the front for biting into food (all teeth). Saliva breaks your food chemically'.   Rory



The Oesophagus

'The oesophagus is the tube like thing that takes food to your stomach. The muscles push it through. This is called peristalsis.'




The Stomach

'The stomach churns the food and produces acids to break it down. The enzymes help make it smaller.'




The Small Intestine

'The muscles in your body push the pipes of the small intestines. The good bits of the food are absorbed into your body and the bad stuff carries on.'




The Large Intestine and the Rectum 

The large intestine removes the left over water from leaving a hard waste product called faeces.

'This is the rectum. It holds the faeces until it is released into the toilet.'