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We are looking forward to...


Next week we'll be continuing with our literacy book and focusing on various grammatical features. We'll also pick up where we left off last week with number sense. But most exciting for the children next week, is our trip to Paignton Zoo on Monday!! frown



Next week the children will be focusing on verbs and adverbs in different types of sentences ready to plan their innovative story at the end of next week. They will also be continuing to improve their knowledge of addition and subtraction and will learn more about life in pre-Roman Britain. 



Next week the children will be learning some exciting poetry with Mrs Bennett and later in the week they'll be continuing their literacy learning using 'On the Way Home' focusing on descriptive language. Maths will be a continuation of 'additive reasoning'.



We are looking forward to the final four days of term next week! There are lots of interesting things are going on all around school so it should be an interesting and exciting week.



Next week we are obviously looking forward to the play! We have a dress rehearsal at the start of the week and the play itself is Wednesday. In maths, the children will be looking to show off what they have learnt so far.



Next week the children are looking forward to our whole school play rehearsals. It should be great fun and if the scene run-throughs are anything to go by, the play is set to be fantastic!


29.9.17 Next week we will begin story writing.  We are also going to be inventing adventure and magical games to play with our friends at break time and lunchtimes. 

25.9.17 We will begin our work in History by finding out about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  We will be writing a biography about him.  In maths we will use our knowledge in place value to partition and calculate.


18.9.17 We are learning about the importance of place for a number.  Inspired by our text Rosie Revere, Engineer, we will begin writing biographies and character descriptions.  We are concentrating on working together and trying out our engineering skills.


11.9.17 This week we are looking forward to settling in to our learning in Blue Class and enjoying making new friends.  We are going to be ordering numbers, counting forwards and backwards in steps of 2 5 10 3 and 4.  We will be writing autobiographies.


6.9.17 We have had such a lovely start and are very excited to welcome the new year 2s and the children who are new to our school.