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This week we're proud of...


Some lovely, imaginative explanations have erupted in Dragonfly Class. Did you really know how a freezer worked? How about a vacuum cleaner? They've particularly enjoyed coding using Scratch and can now tell knock knock jokes and make objects move around the screen.



This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed monitoring their science enquiries, getting their eggs out of their liquids and feeling the effect they have had on the egg shell.

Maths has been great with some excellent understanding of repeated edition and there have been some beautiful sentences for an explanation text.



A short but super week! Apple Pressing Day. New unit on maths (multiplicative reasoning) and literacy (explanation texts).



This week the children have been ending the half term with some assessments, story writing and addition and subtraction problems involving length and mass.

Nancy - 'Doing the papers were tricky but it was easier when we were split into two groups. I'm proud of my story - what I have written so far.'



We have been working hard on our Kent’s Cavern leaflets and are proud that they are now finished.  The children have recognised the progress they have made over this 3 week block since their elicitation task. 

In Numeracy the children have completed their first block on Number Sense, working on place value.

In Science, they particularly enjoyed making a model of the digestive system.  Look in our class gallery to see the photos and ask your child to explain what was happening in each photo!