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Star of the Week

06.07.18 - Samuel

This week Samuel has been awarded star of the week for having a positive and helpful attitude.


29.06.18 - Charlie

For always having a big smile when completing his work and putting in 100% effort to his learning


22.06.18 - Karly

This week Karly has been showing lots of lovely effort in her learning and her sport.


15.06.18 - Our Strike and Field Team

This week our stars of the week are Eli, Daniel, Emilia, Karly, Milly and William for representing our school at the Strike and Field Festival this morning. Well done!


08.06.18 - Jameson

For making a fantastic effort in all his artwork this week. Listening carefully to detailed instructions to produce some beautiful artwork. 


18.05.18 - Caitlin

Caitlin has been keen and eager to learn and always has a smile on her face. 


11.05.18 - Charlie

Charlie has been working hard on his writing and has completed some wonderful addition work. 


04.05.18 - Sophia for her enthusiasm to learning


27.04.18 - Eli

Eli has come back to school in excellent spirits and has been putting in an incredible effort into his learning this week. He's been focused in all lessons and has been showing excellent friendship skills with his classmates. 










23.02.18 - Henry

Henry is another child who always works to the best of his ability. This week he has proven this by going home and continuing his learning there and has enjoyed showing me what he has done. This is in additional to his exceptional home learning task.


16.02.18 - HALF TERM


09.02.18 - Eli

Eli always tries hard and deserves the award this week. He has role modelled exceptional listening skills to his peers this week. Particularly this week, he has been working on his handwriting and is continuing to develop his presentation. 


26.01.18 - Aaron

Aaron has been listening really well in class this week. He's been showing this by quickly paying attention to the teacher when instructions are being given. Well done!


19.01.18 - Samuel

Samuel has shown an improved attitude towards his learning in maths and has tried really hard to record learning. He has also shown an improvement in his handwriting in literacy, trying to focus on that as well as the lesson focus.


12.01.18 - Oli

Continuing on from last week, Oli has had a great Thursday and Friday to clinch the Star of the Week. He has shown his independent learning skills in maths and has been keen extend his learning in literacy as well. Keep it up!


05.01.18 - Zane

It's only been two days back at school this week but the children have done fantastically well. There were lots of children in the running for the Star of the Week and only just missed out so well done to Sophia, Oli, Daniel and Jameson. However, the winner was Zane. His attitude has been great this week and  has joined in with the class on many occasions. :-)


15.12.17 - Amy

Amy could be a star of the week every week! She is always kind and polite to everyone in the class and has a super attitude towards her learning. She particualrly tried hard today with her adding using a number line and using the suffix -ing. Well done!


08.12.17 - Charlie

Charlie has been trying really hard this week with his learning. He's given all activities a really good go and has the attitude move his learning forward. He's also been quick to be ready to listen in the classroom.


01.12.17 - Ellie

Ellie has been fantastic this week. She has always been ready to learn and has been polite and kind. During singing practice for our school play, she was been enthusiastically joining in with some wonderful actions to the songs.



24.11.17 - Scarlet

Scarlet has been listening well during whole class teaching and has shown a growth mindset during lessons. She is often one of the first to be ready for learning! During PE, she has taken part with enthusiasm and enjoyment.



17.11.17 - Lingzhi

What a wonderful end to the week. Lingzhi has been following instructions a lot better this week and is making big strides towards including himself in class activities.



10.11.17 - Ashley

Well done to Ashley who won this week's Star of the Week. Ashley has been very enthusiastic in his learning this week. During whole class learning, he has been keen to offer his thoughts and when learning at tables, he's been very keen to complete the learning tasks set.


For always demonstrating our Christian Value of Friendship, and particularly this week whilst on our trip, our star is Nancy. She is always looking out for other people and concerned for their well being. Thank you for being such a friendly person to know Nancy.


For listening well and her excellent contributions to Collective Worship, Caitlin is also a star this week.


This week's star of the week is Ellie - she has been using different strategies to help her with her learning, and has been prepared to try different approaches. Last week she took home spellings from her phonics to try and learn.


This week Eli is our Star of the Week for his quietly resilient attitude to learning, tackling problems thoughtfully and bravely, especially in Maths! 

29.9.17 This week we are celebrating one of our newer members who has quietly done good deeds around school without looking for recognition.  For your excellent community spirit, Joseph we are proud to say you are our Star of the Week!


This week Blue Class Star of the Week is Rosabella. For really thinking about her learning and going back to look again to improve her work further. Great Job!


Our Star of the week this week is Sophia.  For showing excellent Growth Mindset qualities of perseverance and enthusiasm for her learning.  We are so proud of you and your fabulous attitude to learning.

This week Blue Class have been finding out about Growth Mindset and how we can 'grow our brains'.  Our star this week has literally done that by beginning to learn a new language!  For choosing the challenge and in particular for welcoming our new classmates, Oli you are our star of the week!