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We are the hands and feet of God
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The Raleigh Federation

We are the hands and feet of God

School Values

Otterton’s Vision Statement


The vision for our school is:-


To achieve the highest standard of education, enabling each child to reach their potential within a caring Christian environment and our vibrant local community.


We aim to achieve this by:-

  • Nurturing the spiritual development of the children in our care.

  • Developing effective communication skills appropriate for the 21st century

  • Developing the skill of reading, both as a pleasure and as a tool for learning.

  • Developing mathematical skills and understanding.

  • Encourage scientific awareness and curiosity and to develop a healthy mind and body

  • Develop IT skills and their application across the curriculum

  • Develop an awareness of the heritage around us through work in History, Geography and Religious Education

  • Encouraging an appreciation of the creative arts and nurture the children’s own creativity.

  • Providing the opportunities the physical expression in sport and drama

  • Fostering a sense of belonging to the local community.

  • Encouraging the importance of good manners and positive behaviour.

  • Creating an environment in our school family supporting the development of our children’s education.



Drake’s Vision Statement


The vision for our school is:-


To nurture within our loving Christian environment, the spiritual and educational development of all children in our care. Within our school family everyone is encouraged to do their best, both for themselves and each other, to grow in confidence and spirit and appreciate all life has to offer.


We aim to achieve this by:-

  • Enabling children to become curious and enthusiastic life-long learners.

  • Providing creative and stimulating opportunities to encourage spirituality and nurture social and moral values within a Christian context.

  • Valuing each child as an individual, helping them to become confident and independent.

  • Ensuring positive behaviour and good manners and encouraging mutual respect , empathy and tolerance for others and, within this, an awareness of our multicultural society.

  • Working together to develop an appreciation of everyone’s differences and learn how to form health relationships within our school family.

  • Creating an environment in which the children challenge themselves to reach their full potential.

  • Fostering a strong partnership with parents and the local community, encouraging a sense of belonging and responsibility.

  • Working closely and constructively with our Learning Community, cooperating proactively with local schools in order to share expertise, skills and facilities and extend opportunities wherever possible.

  • Developing each child’s sense of self-worth, to make each one feel special and valued.

  • Encouraging pupils to care for others, the environment and to develop an awareness of the heritage around us.

  • Giving pupils the skills to thrive in a modern world

  • Encourage a positive lifestyle recognising the importance of exercise, healthy eating and emotional wellbeing.