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Previous Weekly Info

Autumn Term Week One:

We have been having lots of fun in class 1 over the last three days. The Year 1 children have been fantastic at settling back into school after the holidays and the new reception children have had a lovely first few days at school.

We have all been thinking about how we can grow our brains and learn new things. The children have come up with ideas about how we can keep learning, such as asking for help if we find something tricky and trying things again. If the children come across something that they feel they can't do, they now say "we can't do it YET" which is fab!

Year One children have written down something they can do, something they can't do yet and thought about how they can get there.

As part of our over arching theme of Anything is Possible, the children have also been thinking about what they might like to do in the future with the mindset of anything is possible. A few of my favourite examples are, a tooth fairy, an artist, a pirate, a boxer, a hedgehog and someone who looks after a T-Rex!

The reception children have been making some super caterpillars with multi-link blocks and using their super counting skills to see how many pieces they need for the body.

The children have also been over to Class 3 to share some of their reading books with an older peer.


Next Week in Class 1...

We will be starting off our literacy work by exploring the story Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris and let's just say there will be lots to spark their imaginations! We are hoping to start our allotment trips next week, so please send spare clothes and wellies on Friday.

Week Two:

We have had a very exciting arrival!! You will never guess what it is...a dragon egg! The children have loved the mysterious arrival and have been trying to figure out how it got there. Some children even thought that they could hear the mummy dragons claws knocking on the door! The children then got extremely messy making their own eggs out of paper mache. There has also been a lot of exploration in the shredded paper which is home to lots of animals for the children to find.

In Numeracy, the children had fun helping the Gruffalo fill his hungry, grumbling tummy by adding one more mouse to his plate. They also helped poor mouse with his tiny tummy have one less nut on his plate. Year 1 children have been using dice to test their understanding of one more and one less and will move on to finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number. In literacy Year 1 children have been constructing some super sentences by looking at a picture, saying their sentence out loud and then writing it. They have also been drawing dragons and describing what they are doing by using a verb.


In religious studies this week we had a strong focus on the school value of friendship. The children have been thinking carefully about what a friend is and what makes you a good friend? We read a story about David and his poorly back which had a strong emphasis on friendship and how we can help others. From this the children have written some sentences and drawn some beautiful pictures of their friends to go in our friendship book.


Next Week...

We're really looking forward to making some dragon food in our mud kitchen and also creating capes for our hunt around the village.

Week Three

We have had another exciting week in class 1!! The arrival of the dragon has brought lots of exciting opportunities for some super writing and number skills. A letter was left that told the children that the dragon liked soup so the children then wrote their own letters to the dragon asking various questions. Some children had ideas about what they would like to find out from the dragon while others wanted to thank the dragon. We constructed letters that asked, what its name is, what it likes in its soup, whether it is kind and even a thank you for protecting us and the school. The children looked for clues and eventually spotted the reply left by the dragon.

From this we have been able to have some brilliant learning opportunities, as well as writing letters the children have also written ingredients needed to make some glittery soup for the dragon, then follow their recipe to make the soup and the reception children have been counting out different ingredients for their plates of food.

We also managed to get up to the allotment this week, which was thanks to all who helped get it ready for us to go and explore. We had a lovely time and hopefully the children can tell you about all the different creatures we found. We were lucky to have our Governor Mr Jonathon Ponting join us up at the allotment and he helped us to identify different species.

Well done to all the children who have been doing lots of excellent reading at home, some certificates went out today and i'm sure there will be lots more next week! Can I also remind you that Class 1's phonics/flashcards/spellings are in their book bags.

Week Four

We have had such fun in Class 1 this week, the children have been on a shared walk around the village with the Little Otters children. Along the way we were looking out for the baby Dragon and Mummy Dragon, we didn't manage to catch a glimpse of them, however we did find lots of glitter and feathers that led us all the way to the park. When we arrived at the park we saw a footprint that looked to have been left by a dragon, along with it was a package! Inside was a cuddly dragon for Class 1 to look after at school and some custard cream and bourbon biscuits. How did that dragon know we like biscuits!! Thank you to all the parents who came along or helped, the children's capes that they made are coming home for them to enjoy at home.

Also this week the children have been looking at how we can make our sentences super. We are beginning to remember that we use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end of our simple sentences. The children helped to think of a symbol to help remember about the capital letters.

The reception children have been working on strengthening their muscles in order to develop a suitable pencil grip for when they come to write later on. To help with this they have been using large anti-clockwise movements using ribbons and paintbrushes to support their gross motor skills and bean bag squeezing activities to strengthen their hands. They had great fun giving these activities a try. 

The children have had a wonderful opportunity to paint their own roof tile to go on the church roof this week. Photos of these will be in the photos section of the Class 1 page.


Next Week...

We will be looking more into our number bonds to ten so ask the children if they can remember our number bonds song! Just a reminder also to keep reading with your child at home, we have been able to give some more reading challenge certificates out this week which is lovely. New flashcards and spellings are in their book bags. Remember it is our Invention Afternoon next Wednesday so junk modelling supplies would be much appreciated.

Week Five

Well, what a fantastic week we've had in Class 1! The children have produced some lovely descriptive writing about their dragons. They all displayed wonderful growth mindsets through their determination to make to make their work better. We also had the best invention afternoon where all the children had a family member to help make a dragon trap. The children's enthusiasm and imaginations created some amazing traps.

The year one's really enjoyed constructing some silly sentences this week. The favourite was, the elephant is chasing sausages!

The children in Reception have had a go at sequencing the story of the three little pigs.

They also have been using their phonics knowledge to identify initial sounds in words and using pegs to show their understanding.


Next Week...

As we started to work our number bonds to ten this week, we will also be developing our quick recal of number facts to 10 next week.

Just a reminder also to keep reading with your child at home, we have been able to give some more reading challenge certificates out this week which is lovely. New flashcards and spellings are in their book bags.

Remember it is Class 1's trip to Clip and Climb on Monday, so we look forward to seeing you all after the weekend.