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24.3.17 Home Learning


This week we have been writing short stories that fit a specific genre. We have been trying to make our stories short but also concise while including certain literacy/grammatical elements.


Home learning this week will help the children to include important, extra detail into their short stories. The focus is adverbial phrases which add detail to/modify the verb in a sentence. An example of this is on the sheet but here is a nice video clip from BBC Bitesize which might help -

The children have been given a sheet and chosen a challenge. Blue Challenge is 'Adverbials 1' and the Red Challenge is 'Adverbials 2' (your child can explain the Red, Blue and Black challenges).

Below are the online version of the sheets.

17.3.17 Home learning


We have finished off the week learning about division methods in maths. Many of the children have been using the chunking method along a number line to support their understanding.  

For this example we have been saying 'How many 4s are in 96?' Then using our knowledge of multiplication facts to help find the answer.

Many have been doing division with remainders, when the (for this example) chunks of 4 don't go into the number exactly. E.g. 22÷10 (how many 10s are in 22?) = 2 r2. Two with two left over.

Some have even been converting these remainders into decimals (only when ÷ by 10, 5, 4 and 2).


Their challenge this week is to find division in the real world! They should record their problems in words and then solve.


For example, I always need printing. I have 4 pictures on a sheet of paper and I need one picture for everyone in the class (17). How many sheets do I need to print? 17÷4 = 4 r1 because 4x4=16 with 1 left over to make 17. The answer can't be 4r1 sheets! So I need to print 5 sheets to ensure everyone has a picture. 4 x 5 = 20 and I will have 3 spares.


You might find divisions in a packet of biscuits, pocket money for children, sharing objects with friends and family etc.


Any questions, as usual, pop in a see me.

10.3.17 Home learning laughsmiley


In literacy, we have started a unit on narrative poetry and for home learning this week, the children need to learn a poem of their choice.

They have already selected a poem in class. There are initial plans for a poetry afternoon/evening for the children to showcase their learned poems and those that they will write at the end of the poetry unit. It should be a fantastic


We will also be performing a class poem at Isaac's fundraising event on Friday 17th. Your child should have their part of the poem to learn in addition to this. Our first practice went really well this afternoon!


3.3.17 - We will be kick starting the 99 club again next week after a short break. Home learning this week is to practise your times tables by exploring the games on the Top Marks link in our Class Three, 99 Club page.


In your home learning books, you need to write a review of your favourite games.

Why is it your favourite? What made it the best? How does it help you learn your times tables?