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Welcome to Green!

Green Class is taught by Mrs Saunders and Mrs Pegg, with excellent support from Mrs Pinder-White our LSA.  Green Class are the year 4 and 5 children. 

Picture 1 Mrs Saunders
Picture 2 Mrs Pegg
Picture 3 Mrs Pinder-White

Summer 2018 - Food Glorious Food

‘Food, Glorious Food’ is our new topic across the Federation, details about all the topics within this will be on our curriculum letter which will come out very soon. 


Week beginning 16.4.18 - This week we have begun our Literacy by looking at biographies and learning about the key features of these non-fiction texts.  We returned to place value in Numeracy looking at counting on and back, rounding and solving problems involving these skills. 


Next week we will be writing a biography about Mary Anning and continuing with our place value work in maths looking specifically at measures.


Spring 2018 - Oh What a Beautiful World

This was our overarching topic for the term across all classes in both schools.  In our topic work we learnt about Rainforests, Mountains and Brazil and in Science we focussed on Living Things.  Read below to find out about our learning each week during the Spring Term. 


Week beginning 26.3.18 - The children have worked really hard in RE this week discussing some difficult ideas for our unit of work on Salvation.  The children completed an evaluation for their finished phone/ music felt cases they made in DT.  The finished products were of a very high standard, please see some photos below.  The children enjoyed the End of Term Service on Wednesday and the Easter Bonnet parade on the last day of term.  Their bonnets were incredible, each one unique and of extremely high quality - see the photos below.  Thank you for the time and effort you took making them. 


Next term our overarching topic is 'Food Glorious Food'.  More details about our learning will be enclosed on our Curriculum letter at the beginning of next term.  Have a wonderful Easter holidays!


Week beginning 19.3.13 - In Maths we returned to Geometric Reasoning and looked at co-ordinates and how to translate (slide) shapes accurately.  In Literacy the children enjoyed choosing which genre to write in to produce a piece of work linked to their topic work and to demonstrate mastery of their writing skills.  We had a lovely range from non-chronological reports, to stories and also an excellent poem about deforestation.  The children thoroughly enjoyed continuing their sewing project and we were proud of their determination and patience needed to thread needles!  They learned about how mountains are formed in their topic work. 


Week beginning 12.3.18 - The children have used their knowledge of discussion texts to write their own text about deforestation, linking to our topic work.  This has been a challenging topic to write about but the children have used information they researched for homework and have tried hard to write a balanced argument.  In Maths the children have enjoyed working on an investigation linked to the pricing of school dinners.  They have used a range of mathematical skills to calculate the number of dinners eaten, profits over a week and looked at the price per portion of different foods.  The children also enjoyed dressing up in their World Book Day characters after having the day postponed a few weeks ago due to the snow.  See the photos below.


Week beginning 5.3.18 - The children have continued to learn about discussion texts, thinking about a local issue 'Should there be a new mobile phone mast in East Budleigh?'.  In Maths, we have continued our work on multiplication and division applying our skills to solve problems involving scaling.  We looked at recipes and how to calculate more of a given ingredient if the whole recipe was doubled/ tripled/ halved/ quartered etc. 


Week beginning 26.2.18 - The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Paington Zoo on Monday to further their learning about habitats.  They loved looking at the animals and enthusiastically participated in the workshop about animals' adaptations to their habitats.  Please see some of the photos from the day on the link below.  The children also started a new block of Literacy learning about discussion texts and have returned to Multiplicative Reasoning in Maths.


Week beginning 19.2.18 - The children have been working extremely hard this week undertaking a range of assessments to help inform us on their progress.  We are very proud of their hard work this week.  They have also completed some Maths and map work linked to the Winter Olympics.  They have begun to think about our new DT topic: making felt phone or ipod cases by writing their design criteria. 


Week beginning 5.2.18 -  We have continued our work on fractions by looking at equivalent fractions.  We have also reminded ourselves how to divide by 10 and 100 and how this is the same as finding 1/10 or 1/100 th of a number and the link to finding percentages too.  The children have enjoyed writing their non-chronological report about a rainforest animal.  The children also completed some excellent work in Science linked to the interesting talk we had last week.  The children finished their gymnastic block of work this half term practising their vaulting and floor sequences.  See the photos below of their vaulting last week. 


Week beginning 29.1.18 - The children have been focusing on fractions and decimals in Maths, enjoying working practically with diennes and bead strings to understand these concepts (see the photos below).  We have started a new block of work in Literacy on non-fiction texts linked to animals in the rainforest.  The children have been researching rainforest animals both in Literacy and in their topic work.  We also had a really interesting talk from Kate Ponting, in her role as Clinton Devon Estate's Countryside Learning Officer, on our local habitats and rare species in the local area.  She discussed the management strategies and conservation issues linked to these special habitats which enhanced the children's learning for our Science topic.  The children listened very well and had lots of questions to ask her.  Thank you!


Week beginning 22.1.18 - The children have been enjoying writing their own adventure story this week, please pop in if you'd like to read them after school.  In Maths we have completed further work on measures and finished our block on addition and subtraction.  In Science we focused on invertebrates and the children created a fact file. 


Week beginning 15.1.19 - We have been working on sentence structure to improve the quality of our writing.  We have been focusing on adverbial phrases, noun phrases, conjunctions, using the power of 3 and short sentences to add impact to our writing.  The children have been applying their addition and subtraction skills in the context of measurement and statistics.  In RE the children have been using the school Christian Values as a stimulus to write prayers.  


Week beginning 8.1.18 - We started our new Maths unit of work on Additive Reasoning focussing on column addition and column subtraction and then applying these to word problems.  In Literacy the children have looked at the characters, setting and plot of the animation 'Epic' in order to generate ideas for their own rainforest adventure stories.

Week beginning 1.1.18 - The children enjoyed thinking about their New Year Resolutions and starting off the term with another Growth Mindset introduction.  The children completed some work in Maths on angles and started their new Science topic.  They also enjoyed their first gymnastics lesson this term using the large apparatus in the Church Hall.


The winning hats for Green class!

The winning hats for Green class! 1
The winning hats for Green class! 2
The winning hats for Green class! 3
The winning hats for Green class! 4
The winning hats for Green class! 5
The winning hats for Green class! 6

DT Felt cases March 2018

DT Felt cases March 2018 1
DT Felt cases March 2018 2
DT Felt cases March 2018 3
DT Felt cases March 2018 4
DT Felt cases March 2018 5
DT Felt cases March 2018 6
DT Felt cases March 2018 7
DT Felt cases March 2018 8
DT Felt cases March 2018 9
DT Felt cases March 2018 10
DT Felt cases March 2018 11
DT Felt cases March 2018 12
DT Felt cases March 2018 13
DT Felt cases March 2018 14
DT Felt cases March 2018 15
DT Felt cases March 2018 16
DT Felt cases March 2018 17
DT Felt cases March 2018 18

Gymnastics Vaulting 2.2.18

Working practically with fractions and decimals 31.1.18

Autumn 2017 Anything is Possible overview of weekly learning

Children in Need 17.11.17

Children in Need 17.11.17 1
Children in Need 17.11.17 2
Children in Need 17.11.17 3
Children in Need 17.11.17 4

DT/ Science project: Making an Egyptian Shaduf

Gymnastics 29.9.17 Partner balances

Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17

Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 1
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 2
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 3
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 4

Forces - Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers 7.9.17

Green Class Charter - September 2017

Green Class 2016-2017

Digestion in action!

Green, Yellow and Class 3's orienteering walk on Woodbury Common 28.3.17

World Book Day in Green Class 2017