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Welcome to Green!

Green Class is taught by Mrs Saunders, Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Pegg, with excellent support from Mrs Pinder-White our LSA.  Green Class are the year 4 and 5 children. 

Picture 1 Mrs Hopkins
Picture 2 Mrs Saunders
Picture 3 Mrs Pegg
Picture 4 Mrs Pinder-White

Anything Is Possible!

This is our overarching topic for the Autumn Term 2017.  You will find more details about what we are learning about this term on our Class Newsletter.


Week beginning 13.11.17 - the children enjoyed raising money for Children in Need on Friday by dressing up and organising an obstacle course for the younger children as part of their PE lessons.  The children have written factual pages about East Budleigh Church during Literacy and have been learning to use the 'bus stop' method as a formal written method for division.


Next week the children will use their experience in writing to write a non-fiction page about the Pyramids.  We will finish our work on multiplication and division by looking at factors and dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.


Week beginning 6.11.17 we started a new unit of work in Literacy by looking at the non-fiction book 'The Secrets of Stonehenge'.  We read pages from the book and analysed the features of non-fiction texts.  We did lots of work using our multiplication skills and learnt how to use the grid method to multiply 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers by 1 digit.  We visited the war memorial on Friday to mark Remembrance Day.  We listened to the Year 6s reading their poems and shared prayers, it was a very special service. 


Week beginning 30.10.17 we worked hard on a range of assessments in Numeracy and Literacy at the beginning of the week.  We have started thinking about our next Maths topic of Multiplication and Division by using arrays to help us understand the link between them and the importance of knowing our times tables inside out.  We enjoyed learning about Isaac Newton discovering Gravity which finished our block of work on Forces.



Week beginning 16.10.17 we enjoyed going on a trip to Exeter Cathedral and Exeter Museum to enhance our learning about the Egyptians and the awe and wonder of magnificent buildings.  We also enjoyed sharing our Literacy stories with a partner and testing our rocket mice in Science.


Week beginning 9.10.17 we have been focusing on subtraction and writing our Egyptian Adventure stories.  We continued with our Egyptian art work and in Science we made parachutes to investigate Air resistance.

Children in Need 17.11.17

Children in Need 17.11.17 1
Children in Need 17.11.17 2
Children in Need 17.11.17 3
Children in Need 17.11.17 4

DT/ Science project: Making an Egyptian Shaduf

Gymnastics 29.9.17 Partner balances

Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17

Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 1
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 2
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 3
Mummifying Oranges 7.9.17 4

Forces - Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers 7.9.17

Green Class Charter - September 2017

Green Class 2016-2017

Digestion in action!

Green, Yellow and Class 3's orienteering walk on Woodbury Common 28.3.17

World Book Day in Green Class 2017