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Mrs Whiteford is the Dragonfly Class teacher and she will be supported by Mrs Dolewska (Mon, Tues and Weds AM) and Miss Horth (Mon-Fri).

Dragonflies September 2018

Dragonflies September 2018 1

Our first full week back!

What an exciting way to start out term - our visit to Kents Cavern was amazing and, in the style of Strictly's Craig R-H,  fab - u - lous! The children behaved impeccably and I was immensely proud of them all.

Our overarching theme this term is 'Who am I?' This ties in nicely with our Stone Age History topic, exploring the different aspects of the Stone Age and what life would have been like at that time. For the next two weeks in Maths, we will be continuing our work on Numbers and the Number System. In Literacy we will study how leaflets are presented, the language features used and the use of different devices to persuade. Our Science topic is Animals, including Humans. The children have begun investigating different types of teeth and their functions. Our Art topic is naturally linked to cave paintings from the Stone Age. 

If you have any questions or queries, please pop in to see me any morning, or after school on Monday, Wednesday or Friday (I don't work on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons).


Mrs Whiteford






Week beginning 16.7.18

A huge thank you to my wonderful Class 3 for being such a fabulous group of young people; it has been an amazing year, full of fantastic achievements for us all as a class, as well as a school. 

My end of term cup was awarded to Dominika Dolewska for her consistently positive attitude and hard work throughout this busy term. Well done, Dominika.

The Year 4 Book Prize was awarded to Daisy Salter, who loves reading and also enjoys baking, therefore my choice of a set of 3 children's cookery books should go down a treat for all the family! Happy baking, Daisy!

The Year 5 Book Prize was awarded to Morgan Hamilton, who has made many new friends since joining us from Exmouth and now really feels a part of the Otterton community. Morgan has also worked very hard and has made great progress. Very well done, Morgan - I hope you enjoy your Space book. I thought it was the perfect choice for you.

Many thanks also to all of the parents for your help and support throughout the year. I hope you all have a lovely, restful Summer break.

Week beginning 2.7.18

Wow - what a week! On Tuesday we attended The Kingfisher Award presentation evening ... and WON! On Wednesday we continued practising madly (and mad it certainly is at the moment) for our end of year performance. On Thursday, Year 5 visited Exmouth Community College for a Maths Transition Day, then on Friday all of Years 4, 5 and 6 went to Budleigh for a picnic followed by an afternoon of playing cricket. We certainly do get out and about!

Maths trail for Year 5 at Exmouth Community College 5.7.18

Otterton Church of England Primary School - Winners of the 2018 Kingfisher Award (Class 3)

Class 3 and 4's visit to The Golden Hind. Monday 25th June 2018

Week beginning 18.6.18

This week we have achieved some fabulous art and D.T work - the Tudor houses are mostly onto their second floor and our art for the Kingfisher award is looking very impressive too. Next week in Literacy we still need to focus on our explanation texts about Dalditch Farm, then we will move onto Diary (not dairy) writing about life on board a Tudor ship. In Maths we will continue our work on number and measures.

Please remember Tudor costumes for our trip to the Golden Hind on Monday! Adults too, please. We also must remember at least one drink as the weather is forecast to be fabulously warm. We will be leaving at 9:00am promptly so that we can make the most of our day in Brixham and should be back shortly before 3pm. 

Week beginning 11.6.18

Are any weeks not busy and exciting? We certainly enjoyed the country dancing at the vicarage on Thursday. Brilliant Lucky Seven, Class Three; no wonder you are all Stars this week. Today, whilst some Year 5 were finishing their Bikeability, the rest of the class worked hard on our presentation for the Kingfisher Award - what we are doing is top secret, so parents, you will have to wait and see, but we think it's looking great.

Next week in Literacy, we will be doing our own explanation texts about what we learned at Dalditch Farm - that part is no secret as everyone needs to do the same! In Maths we will continue with Number work and look in particular at measures and conversion between different units of measure. In D.T we will complete the frames for our Tudor Houses and in RE we begin our final unit on Pentecost.

Please remember to return the permission slips for our visit to The Golden Hind on Monday 25th June and keep thinking of costume ideas. Thank you to the parents who have returned their slips already.

Week Beginning 4.6.18

We certainly enjoyed an exciting first day back on our visit to the Plymouth Aquarium - it was a fantastic day and great fun. The photos are now on our main class page. This week has, of course been Art Week, so although there was no Literacy or Numeracy, we still worked incredibly hard on our chicken wire/papier mache creations - they are very impressive, so please do take the time to visit Salem Chapel on Saturday or Sunday. The exhibition is open from 2-4pm on both days. 

Next week is 'Bikeability' for Years 5 and 6, so yet another exciting week ahead! Whilst Year 5 are busy cycling, Year 4 will get the chance to make decisions about our Kingfisher Award Presentation. Our Literacy work will be all about Explanation texts, as this is how we need to present our findings and thoughts to the judges on Tuesday 3rd July at Bicton Park. A letter will come out to you soon with further information about the presentation evening. This weekend, also on Sunday, there is an open afternoon at the Farm at Colaton Raleigh. The children took home leaflets about this after our visit to Dalditch Farm. You may need to double-check Book Bags to find them!

Next week in Maths, we revisit the Number Sense unit and will focus again on fractions and decimals plus percentages for Year 5. In DT we will continue to construct our Tudor Houses and we also need to find time to rehearse our Country Dancing ready for a performance at the Vicarage at 11:30 on Thursday morning. Wow - what a busy time ahead!

Our whole school visit to Plymouth Aquarium Monday 4th June 2018

Class 3 and Green Class enjoying the Field Day preparation for the Kingfisher Award on 23rd May 2018

Week beginning 14.5.18

This week we had a wonderful afternoon at the allotment using water colour pencils and paints. We were very fortunate with the weather and the allotment is looking amazing. Thank you very much to Daisy and Louisa's mum, Maisy's mum, Bailey's mum and sister and Yvie's dad for accompanying us.

Next week in Literacy we will plan then write a persuasive letter from one of Henry's wives to Henry pleading for their life, to look after their child when they are dead or to ask him not to divorce them! Very emotive writing. In Maths we will be working on fractions and decimals on Monday and Tuesday, then bar graphs and frequency tables on Wednesday and Thursday. 


On Wednesday we are visiting Dalditch Farm to take part in the field study element of the Kingfisher Award. The evening presentation for the award itself is on Tuesday 3rd July at Bicton Arena from 4:00-5:30pm. More details to follow nearer the time.

Week Beginning 30.4.18

This week in Maths we had lots of fun with water, estimating then accurately measuring the capacity of a variety of different containers, including a cup, beakers, our water bottles, a washing-up bowl and a watering can! Our new Maths topic for the next fortnight will be Additive Reasoning and the children will be solving word problems involving money as well as other measures. In Literacy we completed our work on biographies and next week move onto letter writing. Over the next three weeks, we will be investigating the lives of the first three of Henry VIII's wives and writing different styles of letters to match their different situations. 

Isaac's cake sale and coffee afternoon is on Friday 11th June, at Otterton Village Hall from 2.30-3.30pm. Mrs Alcock and Mrs Bennett will be taking classes 3 and 4 down to the hall at approximately 2.20pm ready for the start at 2.30 and the children will sing a couple of songs. If you are planning to attend, you will be able to take your child from the hall, anytime after 3pm, however if you are not able to come, your child will be escorted back to school for the end of the school day.


Week Beginning 26.3.18

The first two weeks back after Easter have flown by! During our first week back we had no computers at all, however we managed well and on the Thursday morning enjoyed a fun morning out planting trees with Kate Ponting from Clinton Devon Estates and her team of volunteers.


Our current Maths unit is Number Sense and for the past two weeks we have been studying 12 and 24 hour clocks. Next week we will be investigating different units of measure, converting grams to kilograms, millilitres to litres and cm to metres. In Literacy we are continuing our work on biographies and will be looking at the life of Sir Walter Raleigh. In Art, we are learning how to sketch faces - we have some budding artists in classes 3 and 4! We will then be using our skills to sketch portraits of Henry VIII's wives and of course, Henry himself.


Week beginning 19.3.18

This week the children have had fun on the playground each lunchtime, practising different sports activities. Thursday was running a mile and today (Friday) was press-ups! Next week in Maths we will be continuing our work on co-ordinates and shapes. In Literacy time we will study our Easter R.E unit on Salvation. After Easter, our overarching topic is Food, Glorious Food. Further details of our Literacy, Maths and Science topics will be included in the Summer Term Newsletter.

Week beginning 12.3.18

Our Maths work this week has been rather unusual, but great fun! Using real life situations made problem solving much easier, as we could literally see and manipulate objects (even baked beans) into portions then work out costings. Next week in Maths we will be finishing off work on ratio and proportion as well as beginning a new unit on Geometric Reasoning - coordinates. In Literacy the children will be given the chance to choose their favourite genre of writing (narrative, persuasion, reports, explanation etc) and the specific topic they want to write about, within our overall theme of Rainforests and mountains. They may choose to write a story about an adventure set on the slopes of a mountain, or a newspaper report on deforestation, a diary of a rainforest explorer, or an information text comparing all of the animals or plants living within a rainforest. In DT, our hessian shoes are nearly finished, then in Art we will do pencil and charcoal sketches of plants. Another busy week!

Week Beginning 5.3.18

This week we had great fun beginning to sew our hessian shoes. Next week we aim to finish them. In literacy next week we are going to write discussion texts on Deforestation (Homework this week is to find as much information as possible from different points of view plus a bit of maths on the cost of food shopping if possible). Next week in Maths we are going to spend the whole week investigating school dinners! Our work will include cost of ingredients, quantities required, price per portion etc. 

Week beginning 19.2.18

Yet another week has flown by! The children have been busy undertaking assessments and were very impressed with their amazing progress - incredibly well done to everyone! Next week in Maths we will revisit the unit Multiplicative Reasoning. Year 5 will be learning about prime, square and cubed numbers as well as practising formal written methods for multiplication and division. Year 4 will be investigating factor pairs and also practising formal written methods for multiplication and division. In Literacy we will start a new unit on Discussion Texts and in D.T we will be creating templates for our hessian shoes!

Week beginning 5.2.18

This week the children have particularly enjoyed writing their own Rain forest animal report; when they looked back today to their first attempt in January, they were amazed by the progress they have made!

After half-term, we will be finishing our Maths unit on Number Sense as well as undertaking 2 Maths assessments. In Literacy, we will be doing a Reading assessment, writing a chronological recount of the holiday and focusing on possessive apostrophes and use of speech punctuation. In D.T we will aim to complete our book mark using different stitches, then begin designing a shoe which will be made out of hessian! 

Week beginning 29.1.18

This week in D.T we started to investigate different stitches. The afternoon flew by and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Next Monday in D.T we will begin sewing a variety of patterns onto binca fabric using the stitches we practised in preparation for making shoes after half term!

In Literacy next week we will begin by rehearsing different sentence types and using active and passive voice, then on Wednesday start writing up our rain forest animal information pages. In Maths we will continue our work on Number and focus in more detail on converting fractions into decimals and percentages. 

Week Beginning 22.1.18

This week the children really enjoyed finishing their rainforest stories. Today, Classes 2 and 3 read each other's stories and then worked together to edit and up-level their work. Next week in Literacy we will begin a new two week unit on information texts, focussing on animals in the rainforest. In Maths we also start a new unit, returning to Number Sense, which will include work on fractions and measures. Science will continue to focus on Living things and in D.T we will investigate different types of stitching to suit a variety of purposes. 

Week Beginning 15.1.18

This week seems to have flown by! The children are thoroughly enjoying writing their own 'Epic' stories and next week will plan their ending before looking in detail at how they will structure their paragraphs. In Maths next week we will continue to look at Real World Maths where we put our skills into practise in real life situations. For example, Yr 5 will be as working out the area of a kitchen floor from a plan then calculating the cost of purchasing new kitchen floor tiles . In Science the children will finish their mini-topic on Light with Mrs Alcock and in Music we will finish our fabulous Rain forest compositions. 

Week beginning 8.1.18

This week the children have really enjoyed thinking about their rainforest adventure stories - particularly watching snippets from the film Epic. Next week in Literacy, we will begin to plan our stories. In Maths we will continue to solve word problems with either 2-steps using  addition and subtraction (yr 4) or multi-step problems using all four operations (yr 5). In Science, the focus will still be on Light and in Music we will add a rainforest song to our brilliant sound pieces.

Week Beginning 18.12.17

This week has been as busy as ever, but we have shared some wonderful times with our End of Term service in the Church and our End of Term Excellence awards today. Next term our new overview is Oh What a Beautiful World and our topic is Rainforests, Mountains and Brazil. In Science our new topic is Living Things, Maths will be Additive Reasoning and in Literacy we will be writing adventure stories set in rainforests.

Week Beginning 11.12.17

This week the children have excelled themselves in the two Christmas Performances. I was very proud of their contributions and would like to thank parents for their role in helping to prepare the children at home, as well as providing such fabulous costumes. 

In Literacy this week, we wrote beautiful poems about travelling to Bethlehem. The children have all made tremendous progress and I think several children were quite amazed at what they were able to produce. In Literacy time next week, we will be studying our Christmas unit for RE and writing our own narratives of the birth of Jesus, before comparing them to the different elements found in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. In Maths we will continue our work on angles and shapes and create nets which can be turned into present boxes (little ones!) and Christmas tree decorations.


Final Rain forest sound piece Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video

8.1.18 Rainforest sound piece - initial composition attempt. Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video
Apologies Group 3 - your video file is too big to download! Parents can come into class first thing or at the end of the day to watch it though.

Group 4

Still image for this video

Autumn Term Certificate of Excellence Awards

Brass Concert 18.12.17

Carols at the Vicarage 15.12.17

Christmas Lunch 15.12.17

Science experiments 24.11.17

Year 5 Maths on understanding real-life measurements 23.11.17

Science 17.11.17 Investigating friction

Shared Reading Class 1 and Class 3 Friday 8th September

Week Beginning 4.12.17

This week we particularly enjoyed hot-seating the role of Howard Carter. Thank you to Rory and Bailey for bringing in hats, a walking stick and a few other dressing up props to make it all seem more real. We also enjoyed visiting the Hospital on Friday morning where we sang to visitors in the Memory Cafe. Next week we will begin our final two week unit in Maths on Geometric Reasoning. In Literacy we will study a lovely poetry book called Bethlehem and in Science we will look at mechanisms.

Week beginning 27.11.17

This week we had great fun finishing our Science experiments on friction. Next week in Literacy we will continue our reports on Howard Carter and on Tuesday morning we will have a hot-seating session with several children acting the part of Howard Carter whilst others interview him. In Maths we will focus on place value, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as relating fractions to decimals.

Week beginning 20.11.17

This week have enjoyed writing our own non-fiction texts about The Great Pyramid of Giza. The work was amazing and demonstrates the fabulous progress being made by everyone in the class. Next week in Literacy we move on to look at Newspaper reports, then will focus on the discoveries made by Howard Carter. This will be a two week unit. In Maths we also start a new two week unit and are revisiting the topic Number Sense. We will begin with negative numbers, counting forwards and back through zero, then look at Roman numerals before once again working on place value. In Science we will finish our experiments on Friction (there are new photos from today's lesson on our main class page) then begin looking at Marvellous Mechanisms. Very sadly, we said goodbye to Jake (and Reece from Class 2) and wish the family a good and safe move to their new house on Saturday.

Week Beginning 13.11.17

We had tremendous fun during Science on Friday afternoon testing the 4 different brakes we made! The pictures are on our class page for you to see. In Literacy next week we will continue to use the non-fiction text The Secrets of Stonehenge, however this time we will be writing our own pages about Egyptian pyramids. In Maths, Year 5 will be developing their confidence in turning remainders into fractions and decimals. Year 4 will be looking at ratio and proportion then we will all tackle problems relating to measure, including length, mass and money. In Science we will find a few spare moments to conclude our boat race, then plan and test the effect on a toy car when it travels over different materials.

Week Beginning 6.11.17

This week Class Three enjoyed preparing for our next Science experiment on Friction. Next week in Science we will use scooters to test a variety of materials to see which creates the greatest friction! In Literacy we will  begin to write an information text about the history of our school. In Maths we will continue to develop our multiplication and division skills using formal written methods. 

Thank you very much to all of the parents who came to Parents' Evenings this week. It was lovely to have the opportunity to share with you all of the fabulous work your children have produced. I am very proud of them.

Week Beginning 31.10.17

This week the children suggested several different activities as their favourite part of the week: some chose maths on fractions and decimals, some really enjoyed the assessment papers we've been doing, whilst others enjoyed the Egyptian art and gymnastics. Next week we will begin looking at the text The Secrets of Stonehenge. In Maths we will finish the mental maths part of our assessment then go onto Multiplicative Reasoning. In Science we will investigate Friction. 

Week Beginning 9.10.17

This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed writing their own Ancient Egyptian adventure stories. The work produced is fabulous; if you haven't done so already, please do pop in and ask your child to read some of their story to you. Next week on Monday, they are going to try to encapsulate all of their ideas to write a new short story version of what they have written so far. We would then like to share this with you on Thursday morning, straight after the register. If you are able to come in, please stay for a little while to enjoy their amazing stories. I do appreciate that many of you are rushing off to work, so we will also photocopy the stories and they can bring them home to share with you over half-term.

In Maths we have worked really hard on adding and subtracting using the expanded then short columnar method. Next week we will focus on reading and interpreting information from graphs and tables. In Science we will continue to investigate water resistance and have a boat race - see the homework sheet for more details!

Week Beginning 2.10.17

This week, the children have enjoyed planning very exciting adventure stories set in Ancient Egypt. Next week in Literacy we will begin writing the stories and by the end of the week, we should have produced some fabulous pieces of work, which we would love to share with you during the final week of the half term. In Maths we will begin to look at the formal written method for columnar subtraction. In Science, we will continue to investigate forces and will conduct experiments about water resistance.

Week Beginning 25.9.17

This week we began thinking about narrative writing. The class enjoyed hearing the short story Mummies in the Morning. Next week in Literacy, we will start to plan our own short story, which will also be set in Ancient Egypt. In Maths we will begin a new unit called Additive Reasoning and will see how much we remember about formal written methods! In Science we will continue our experiments using parachutes to investigate air resistance - great fun! Please don't be too alarmed if your children ask you if they can experiment with dropping similar size and shape objects down the stairs - we HAVE discussed health and safety! Just blame Galileo.

Week Beginning 18.9.17

Class 3 enjoyed learning about mummification - though it's rather gruesome! Next week in Literacy, we will begin a four week unit on story writing and will be reading a story set in Ancient Egyptian times. In Maths we will solve number problems relating to place value. Science will include preparing for and undertaking practical experiments about Forces.

Week Beginning 11.9.17

This week we have really enjoyed writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich ... and then eating the sandwich!

Next week in Literacy, we will be researching mummification. In Maths we will continue to work on place value and rounding. In Science we will continue our learning about Forces.

Autumn Term 2017

During our first three days back, we have enjoyed learning about Growth Mindset and thinking about how we can approach our learning with a positive mental attitude, even when it is tricky!

Next week we will begin our new Literacy topic about writing instructions. In Maths we start the first 3-week unit called Number Sense, which is all about place value. In Science we will consider what we know already and want to learn about Forces and in Topic we will begin to investigate mummification! 






We explored erosion and became experts on different parts of a river

As part of a team of four, we had two members of our class (a Y4 and a Y5) attend a literacy quiz on Wednesday 14th June.

They had an excellent morning in Exmouth and thoroughly enjoyed all the questions. Unfortunately our team finished bottom but as you can see from the results, it was a very tight competition!!

Well done to all our four competitors! JR even won a book!



Welcome to Class 3!

Our Teacher and Teaching Assistants

Our Teacher and Teaching Assistants 1 Mr Szender - Teacher
Our Teacher and Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Newcombe - TA Monday, Thursday, Friday
Our Teacher and Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs Dolewska - TA Tuesday, Wednesday AM

Thursday 25.5.17 - Baking and digestion rap/poem/song performances

Picture 1 World Book Day Class Photo
Picture 2