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If homework gets tricky, to quote a famous pop star, 'throw it on the fire and drive the car down town'!  Of course I don't mean that literally but you should, leave it (let me know if you have time), walk away, make a cake, take a break.  Try to leave it on a high!  Let's keep it a positive experience if we possibly can.

12.1.18         Home learning


Times tables are very important to learn and are integral to the learning and understanding of division, fractions and decimals moving into and up through KS2. Please could your child spend time learning their times tables. 2x, 5x and 10x are the first ones to focus on before progressing on to the 3x and 4x tables. I will put some fun websites and games on the class website page for you to try with your child/children. You don’t need to bring anything back into school as such but anything you choose to do would be great to share in class.


A great website is Top Marks


BBC has some good ones too


To extend your child, discuss division. It's the inverse of multiplication.

If you know 3x5=15 then you know 15 divided by 5 is 3 and 15 divided by 3 is 5.


15 ÷  5 =         try wording it by saying - how many 5s are in 15 - then count up in 5s.

5 10 15. 3 lots of 5 are in 15.




Homework 13.10.17 to be handed it by 19.10.17

Class Letter 29.9.17

Notices Blue Class Autumn 2017 Week 1. (Paper document sent home 14th September 2017)

This powerpoint accompanied a parent's forum to discuss Homework. Check it out for some top tips. (This is the plain text version.)