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Class Letters and Homework

Set: Wednesday

Due in: Monday


Blue Class Home Learning

This week’s home learning has a design and technology theme. Please could the children create a model of a Paris landmark. You can be as creative as you’d like with the materials.  For example, you might choose to make the Eiffel tower out of lollipop sticks or even pasta. You could make the Palace of Versailles out of lego or the Arc de Triomphe out of good old cardboard boxes and tape. Could it even be edible and make of cake or chocolate fingers?!

It would be great to showcase these at the upcoming French afternoon – more details of which will follow.

Can all landmarks be ready by Wednesday 4th July.

Landmarks we’ve researched in class are

  • Palace of Versailles
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre
  • Notre Dame




Wednesday 25th April

In maths we have been practising methods of addition and subtraction and so home learning this week to is practise what they have learnt in class - please refer to the sheet in home learning books for details on the methods. Please come and see me if you would like me to go over any of these.


Choose some additions and subtractions for your child or you could randomly generate 2 and 1 digit numbers with a die or an online random number generator.


Increase the challenge with larger 2-digit numbers and 3-digit numbers and decrease the challenge by adding or subtracting only single digit numbers.


Wednesday 18th April

Home learning this week is spellings. Year 2 have spellings from their word list found in the front of their home learning books and Year 3 are continuing their learning on adding suffixes to root words.


Wednesday 14th March

In topic we have been learning about the world and its continents in particular. Please can you research two countries from different continents and find at least 5 facts about each. It will be great to share these in the class and add them to their continent information booklets.



Wednesday 7th March

In our science topic, Animals, including humans, we have been learning the basic needs of different animals. Stuck into your child's book is a sheet for them to design their pet (or a chosen pet) a new home. This home must cater for all its basic needs as well as cater to keep their animals happy and healthy.

- It can be as wacky as they like

- Please label the home and its features

- If the sheet isn't big enough, then go all out with an A3 sheet!



12.1.18         Home learning


Times tables are very important to learn and are integral to the learning and understanding of division, fractions and decimals moving into and up through KS2. Please could your child spend time learning their times tables. 2x, 5x and 10x are the first ones to focus on before progressing on to the 3x and 4x tables. I will put some fun websites and games on the class website page for you to try with your child/children. You don’t need to bring anything back into school as such but anything you choose to do would be great to share in class.


A great website is Top Marks


BBC has some good ones too


To extend your child, discuss division. It's the inverse of multiplication.

If you know 3x5=15 then you know 15 divided by 5 is 3 and 15 divided by 3 is 5.


15 ÷  5 =         try wording it by saying - how many 5s are in 15 - then count up in 5s.

5 10 15. 3 lots of 5 are in 15.




Homework 13.10.17 to be handed it by 19.10.17

Class Letter 29.9.17

Notices Blue Class Autumn 2017 Week 1. (Paper document sent home 14th September 2017)

This powerpoint accompanied a parent's forum to discuss Homework. Check it out for some top tips. (This is the plain text version.)