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Class 3

Mrs Whiteford is the Class 3 teacher and she will be supported by Mrs Dolewska (Mon, Tues and Weds AM) and Mrs Martin (Thurs, Fri AM).

Class 3 September 2017

Class 3 September 2017 1

Science 17.11.17 Investigating friction

Shared Reading Class 1 and Class 3 Friday 8th September

Welcome to Class 3!

Week Beginning 13.11.17

We had tremendous fun during Science on Friday afternoon testing the 4 different brakes we made! The pictures are on our class page for you to see. In Literacy next week we will continue to use the non-fiction text The Secrets of Stonehenge, however this time we will be writing our own pages about Egyptian pyramids. In Maths, Year 5 will be developing their confidence in turning remainders into fractions and decimals. Year 4 will be looking at ratio and proportion then we will all tackle problems relating to measure, including length, mass and money. In Science we will find a few spare moments to conclude our boat race, then plan and test the effect on a toy car when it travels over different materials.

Week Beginning 6.11.17

This week Class Three enjoyed preparing for our next Science experiment on Friction. Next week in Science we will use scooters to test a variety of materials to see which creates the greatest friction! In Literacy we will  begin to write an information text about the history of our school. In Maths we will continue to develop our multiplication and division skills using formal written methods. 

Thank you very much to all of the parents who came to Parents' Evenings this week. It was lovely to have the opportunity to share with you all of the fabulous work your children have produced. I am very proud of them.

Week Beginning 31.10.17

This week the children suggested several different activities as their favourite part of the week: some chose maths on fractions and decimals, some really enjoyed the assessment papers we've been doing, whilst others enjoyed the Egyptian art and gymnastics. Next week we will begin looking at the text The Secrets of Stonehenge. In Maths we will finish the mental maths part of our assessment then go onto Multiplicative Reasoning. In Science we will investigate Friction. 

Week Beginning 9.10.17

This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed writing their own Ancient Egyptian adventure stories. The work produced is fabulous; if you haven't done so already, please do pop in and ask your child to read some of their story to you. Next week on Monday, they are going to try to encapsulate all of their ideas to write a new short story version of what they have written so far. We would then like to share this with you on Thursday morning, straight after the register. If you are able to come in, please stay for a little while to enjoy their amazing stories. I do appreciate that many of you are rushing off to work, so we will also photocopy the stories and they can bring them home to share with you over half-term.

In Maths we have worked really hard on adding and subtracting using the expanded then short columnar method. Next week we will focus on reading and interpreting information from graphs and tables. In Science we will continue to investigate water resistance and have a boat race - see the homework sheet for more details!

Week Beginning 2.10.17

This week, the children have enjoyed planning very exciting adventure stories set in Ancient Egypt. Next week in Literacy we will begin writing the stories and by the end of the week, we should have produced some fabulous pieces of work, which we would love to share with you during the final week of the half term. In Maths we will begin to look at the formal written method for columnar subtraction. In Science, we will continue to investigate forces and will conduct experiments about water resistance.

Week Beginning 25.9.17

This week we began thinking about narrative writing. The class enjoyed hearing the short story Mummies in the Morning. Next week in Literacy, we will start to plan our own short story, which will also be set in Ancient Egypt. In Maths we will begin a new unit called Additive Reasoning and will see how much we remember about formal written methods! In Science we will continue our experiments using parachutes to investigate air resistance - great fun! Please don't be too alarmed if your children ask you if they can experiment with dropping similar size and shape objects down the stairs - we HAVE discussed health and safety! Just blame Galileo.

Week Beginning 18.9.17

Class 3 enjoyed learning about mummification - though it's rather gruesome! Next week in Literacy, we will begin a four week unit on story writing and will be reading a story set in Ancient Egyptian times. In Maths we will solve number problems relating to place value. Science will include preparing for and undertaking practical experiments about Forces.

Week Beginning 11.9.17

This week we have really enjoyed writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich ... and then eating the sandwich!

Next week in Literacy, we will be researching mummification. In Maths we will continue to work on place value and rounding. In Science we will continue our learning about Forces.

Autumn Term 2017

During our first three days back, we have enjoyed learning about Growth Mindset and thinking about how we can approach our learning with a positive mental attitude, even when it is tricky!

Next week we will begin our new Literacy topic about writing instructions. In Maths we start the first 3-week unit called Number Sense, which is all about place value. In Science we will consider what we know already and want to learn about Forces and in Topic we will begin to investigate mummification! 






We explored erosion and became experts on different parts of a river

As part of a team of four, we had two members of our class (a Y4 and a Y5) attend a literacy quiz on Wednesday 14th June.

They had an excellent morning in Exmouth and thoroughly enjoyed all the questions. Unfortunately our team finished bottom but as you can see from the results, it was a very tight competition!!

Well done to all our four competitors! JR even won a book!



Thursday 25.5.17 - Baking and digestion rap/poem/song performances

Picture 1 World Book Day Class Photo
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