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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



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Class 1 is home to the youngest children in the school - Reception and Year 1. The class teachers are Mrs Emma Cocker and Mrs Saunders. The wonderful Teaching Assistants are Mrs Sally Leat, Miss Katie Howarth and Miss Katrina Horth (Apprentice TA).



Meet the staff

Meet the staff 1 Mrs Emma Cocker - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Meet the staff 2 Miss Katie Howarth
Meet the staff 3 Miss Katrina Horth
Meet the staff 4 Mrs Sally Leat

Star of the week

Star of the week 1 19th May 2017 - Excellent effort in Literacy
Star of the week 2 12th May 2017 - Brilliant in everything she does!!
Star of the week 3 5th May 2017 - Amazing spelling work
Star of the week 4 28th April 2017 - A great first week in Class 1
Star of the week 5 10th March 2017 - The whole class!
Star of the week 6 17th March 2017 - Super literacy!
Star of the week 7 24th March 2017 - Super learner in all areas!
Star of the week 8 End of term cup for amazing learning in all areas

Our chicks have arrived!

Our chicks have arrived! 1
Our chicks have arrived! 2
Our chicks have arrived! 3
Our chicks have arrived! 4
Our chicks have arrived! 5
Our chicks have arrived! 6
Our chicks have arrived! 7