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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



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Class 1 is home to the youngest children in the school - Reception and Year 1. The class teachers are Mrs Emma Cocker (Mon, Tues and Wed) and Miss Pelosi (Thurs and Fri). The wonderful Teaching Assistants are Mrs Sally Leat, Mrs Martin and Mrs Pring.



Meet the staff

Meet the staff 1 Mrs Emma Cocker
Meet the staff 2 Miss Anne Pelosi
Meet the staff 3 Mrs Sally Leat
Meet the staff 4 Mrs Cathy Martin
Meet the staff 5 Mrs Emma Pring

Star of the week

Star of the week 1 Cody for persevering in Maths :)
Our first Star of the week this term went to all the amazing Reception children for having a brilliant first few days at school. Well Done smiley

This Week in Class 1...

We have had a very exciting arrival!! You will never guess what it is...a dragon egg! The children have loved the mysterious arrival and have been trying to figure out how it got there. Some children even thought that they could hear the mummy dragons claws knocking on the door! The children then got extremely messy making their own eggs out of paper mache. There has also been a lot of exploration in the shredded paper which is home to lots of animals for the children to find.

In Numeracy, the children had fun helping the Gruffalo fill his hungry, grumbling tummy by adding one more mouse to his plate. They also helped poor mouse with his tiny tummy have one less nut on his plate. Year 1 children have been using dice to test their understanding of one more and one less and will move on to finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number. In literacy Year 1 children have been constructing some super sentences by looking at a picture, saying their sentence out loud and then writing it. They have also been drawing dragons and describing what they are doing by using a verb.


In religious studies this week we had a strong focus on the school value of friendship. The children have been thinking carefully about what a friend is and what makes you a good friend? We read a story about David and his poorly back which had a strong emphasis on friendship and how we can help others. From this the children have written some sentences and drawn some beautiful pictures of their friends to go in our friendship book.


Next Week...

We're really looking forward to making some dragon food in our mud kitchen and also creating capes for our hunt around the village.






Water fun at the park!

Water fun at the park!  1
Water fun at the park!  2
Water fun at the park!  3
Water fun at the park!  4
Water fun at the park!  5
Water fun at the park!  6
Water fun at the park!  7
Water fun at the park!  8
Water fun at the park!  9
Water fun at the park!  10
Water fun at the park!  11
Water fun at the park!  12
Water fun at the park!  13

Our chicks have arrived!

Our chicks have arrived! 1
Our chicks have arrived! 2
Our chicks have arrived! 3
Our chicks have arrived! 4
Our chicks have arrived! 5
Our chicks have arrived! 6
Our chicks have arrived! 7