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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



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Class 1 is home to the youngest children in the school - Reception and Year 1. The class teachers are Mrs Emma Cocker (Mon, Tues and Wed) and Miss Pelosi (Thurs and Fri). The wonderful Teaching Assistants are Mrs Sally Leat, Mrs Martin and Mrs Pring.



Meet the staff

Meet the staff 1 Mrs Emma Cocker
Meet the staff 2 Miss Anne Pelosi
Meet the staff 3 Mrs Sally Leat
Meet the staff 4 Mrs Cathy Martin
Meet the staff 5 Mrs Emma Pring

Star of the week

Star of the week 1 For amazing effort in all her learning
Star of the week 2 Harvey for his superb letters and sounds work
Star of the week 3 Tillie for super maths work this week.
Star of the week 4 Ollie for really trying to use the working wall
Star of the week 5 Abby for putting so much effort in this week :)
Star of the week 6 Brandon for Independent Writing
Star of the week 7 Cody for persevering in Maths :)
Our first Star of the week this term went to all the amazing Reception children for having a brilliant first few days at school. Well Done smiley

This Week in Class 1...

Well what a great finish to another lovely week in Class one a dressing up day for Children in Need. The children have enjoyed colouring pictures, making masks, completing spotty maths challenges and dressing up in spots! Well done to all the children who took part in the colouring competition and a BIG thank you to everyone who made, bought and ate cakes after school today to help Otterton School raise some very important funds for Children in Need. You should all be proud.

Also this week the Year one children have really knocked my socks off during our phonics sessions because we have introduced the a-e split digraph and they have all had a really good go at spelling some words using this sound. Reception children have also impressed me by having such a can do attitude towards forming their letters and words on their whiteboards and in their books.

The children have been looking at ordering positions into 1st, 2nd and third this week and have shown a great understanding of this. We had animals lining up and racing, along with questions that really got the Year ones thinking about which colour they need to use!

In RE the children looked at giving and receiving gifts and how that makes us feel, along with what would be our favourite gift to give to others (which worked well with our Children in Need activities). 


Next Week...

The Year one children now have spellings in their books that come home and should be practiced at home please. I then give them new words the following week. We are all working through the list of words the children should be able to write when they are at the end of year one. This is just to help the children to start recognising those words and being able to use them in their writing. The reception have words in their book bags that they need to read at home (not write), working in the same way as the flashcards.


Can I please remind parents that PE kits are needed on a Tuesday and Thursday and Allotment kit is needed on a Friday for Class 1. If anyone would like to help out at the allotment or offer an hour here and there towards hearing the children read throughout the week, your support would be greatfully recieved.





Invention day

Invention day 1
Invention day 2
Invention day 3
Invention day 4
Invention day 5
Invention day 6
Invention day 7
Invention day 8
Invention day 9
Invention day 10
Invention day 11
Invention day 12
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Invention day 43
Invention day 44

Water fun at the park!

Water fun at the park!  1
Water fun at the park!  2
Water fun at the park!  3
Water fun at the park!  4
Water fun at the park!  5
Water fun at the park!  6
Water fun at the park!  7
Water fun at the park!  8
Water fun at the park!  9
Water fun at the park!  10
Water fun at the park!  11
Water fun at the park!  12
Water fun at the park!  13

Our chicks have arrived!

Our chicks have arrived! 1
Our chicks have arrived! 2
Our chicks have arrived! 3
Our chicks have arrived! 4
Our chicks have arrived! 5
Our chicks have arrived! 6
Our chicks have arrived! 7